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When Apple’s HomePod came out in February, Digital Trends reviewer Caleb Denison desired a glorious sound quality, yet remarkable that it lacks in regards to intelligent home integration. Still, if you’re integrated into a Apple complement and only bought a HomePod, you’re expected vehement to know some-more about what a device can do.

Here are a few options for removing a many from a gadget. Below we’ve listed 18 of a best HomePod tips and tricks to get we started.

1. Use a denunciation interpretation features

Siri creates one-way interpretation from English to French, Spanish, German, Italian and Chinese easy. To try it, we can contend something like, “Hey Siri, how do we say  ‘goodbye’ in German?” or “What’s ‘cat’ in Spanish?”

2. Get a dip your luminary idols

There’s no need to buy luminary report magazines when we know this Apple HomePod trick. You can get sum about cocktail enlightenment stars by saying, “Hey Siri, tell me about Zac Efron,” for example. Siri will even prompt we to keep seeking about celebrities by charity some-more information about them.

3. Let family members minister to grocery lists


Deciding what to buy during a selling outing is mostly a common bid from domicile members. You can make it some-more docile with this Apple HomePod tip. Allow any family member to supplement to an ongoing list. First, launch your iPhone’s Settings and go to Reminders. Next, underneath iCloud, name Family. After that, anyone in a family can supplement things to buy. It’s as easy as saying, “Hey Siri, supplement apples to a grocery list.”

4. Use AirPlay to send Apple Music to HomePod

It’s probable to control a HomePod by your iPhone’s Music app, as prolonged as we use AirPlay for Apple Music. Go to Control Center and press a audio label in a right corner. Press a AirPlay icon, afterwards daub on HomePod. After environment that up, use an iPhone and a Music app to control HomePod. See what’s entrance adult next, supplement to a playlist, control volume, skip forward or go behind to formerly listened songs.

5. Fill a room with tunes during your command

Since a HomePod offers such abounding sound quality, you’ll wish to use it to listen to tunes often. When we say, “Siri, play music,” a practical partner will play strain that it has personalized for we formed off of your Apple Music preferences. Thankfully, it will also embody some uninformed strain any time so we don’t get wearied with a playlist.

6. Help Siri sync your playlists


By saying, “Hey Siri, we like this,” or “Hey Siri, we hatred this” while listening to music, Siri will reconfigure a strain it selects for we formed off of those preferences.

7. Discover some-more strain from artists

Apple Music has orderly songs from many artists’ careers into 3 playlists. These are Essentials, Next Steps and Deep Cuts.

Listen to them on HomePod by revelation Siri to play a artist and one of a playlist names. For example…

  • To fast play Beyonce’s many renouned songs, contend “Hey Siri, play Beyonce Essentials.”
  • To hear other hits by Beyonce contend “Hey Siri, play Beyonce Next Steps.”
  • Consider yourself an ultimate fan? Hear even some-more from Beyonce by requesting, “Hey Siri, play Beyonce Deep Cuts.”

8. Use your voice to control a volume

When it comes to Apple HomePod tips, no list is finish though instructions for altering a speaker’s volume. Say “Hey Siri, spin a strain up” or “Hey Siri, make it louder.” You can also ask Siri to adjust to a specific volume level, such as: “Hey Siri, set a volume to 80 percent.”

9. Expand your low-pitched knowledge

Jeremy Kaplan/Digital Trends

Ever wish to know who plays guitar for a certain band? Siri has unconstrained believe of artists, bands and albums.

The subsequent time you’re listening to a track, ask: “Hey Siri, what’s a name of this album?” or “Hey Siri, when was this manuscript released?”

10. Discover new music

Even yet people typically have their favorite kinds of music, many like to have during slightest occasional variety. You can get Siri to play strain from many opposite genres. The possibilities are probably endless, depending on either we give a specific or deceptive command.

You competence say, “Hey Siri, play folk strain from a ‘60s” or concentration on a genre alone by uttering, “Hey Siri, play exemplary music.” When friends are on their approach over to suffer a night of fun, say, “Hey Siri, play some celebration music.” If your mood changes, use a “Hey Siri, play something different,” authority and your HomePod will collect out a new character of strain and start personification it.

When conference a strain we like, it’s easy to supplement it to a playlist by name. Use a outspoken cue, “Hey Siri, supplement this to my (name) playlist.”

11. Play Spotify calm on a HomePod

When many people wish to know what a HomePod can do, they’re mostly extraordinary about either it’s probable to tide element from other services besides Apple Music.

To play your favorite Spotify songs, open a Spotify app. Then, name Devices Available. Choose More Devices and name HomePod. You can still ask for artist information while listening to Spotify and find out who wrote or sang a song, learn some-more about an album, establish when an manuscript was released, etc.

12. Listen to iTunes podcasts


Simply ask, “Hey Siri, play (podcast name)” — even if we aren’t subscribed to a podcast. You can also say, “Hey Siri, allow to this podcast” if we like it and Siri will supplement it to your library.

When new episodes are available, they seem in a Listen Now territory of a Podcasts app on your Apple TV and iOS device.

13. Learn about stream events

Say “Hey Siri, what’s a news today?” to get a lowdown on a latest headlines. Siri will also suggest other news outlets than a one now used, and we can name another one any time. For example, contend something like “Hey Siri, review The New York Times instead.”

14. Get proficient with a neighborhood

Another accessible Homepod tip: when we ask, “Hey Siri, what’s a best vegetarian food nearby?” Siri will offer suggestions for a best vegetarian restaurants to visit. You can ask for a hours of circuitously restaurants and shops, too.

By default, a “Hey Siri, what’s a best vegetarian food nearby?” prompt will give some-more sum about a grill than a name, including a hours of operation.

15. Send a content summary by HomePod


When we need to get in hold with friends yet don’t wish to type, that’s no problem. Say “Hey Siri, send a summary to Michelle observant I’m withdrawal a residence soon.” If a target replies within a few minutes, you’ll hear a chime.

16. Try a speakerphone functionality

You might not have satisfied it before now, yet HomePod is a good speakerphone. You can fast send a call on your iPhone to HomePod regulating a audio picker on your iPhone. The light on tip of a HomePod turns immature during an active speakerphone call.

17. Make certain we don’t forget anything

HomePod is illusory for reminders, too. Say “Hey Siri, remind me to dump off a dog during a groomer’s,” or something similar. Moreover, Siri can commend places that are in your Contacts on your iOS device.

For example, say, “Hey Siri, remind me to take out money during Walmart.” You can ask about equipment in Reminders, too. Say “Hey Siri, what’s on my calendar today?”

To appropriate that you’ve finished a to-do list or sign item, contend “Hey Siri, symbol ‘Book hotel room for New York trip’ as complete.”

18. Other fun things to try


We’ve lonesome a essential HomePod tips and tricks here, yet there are still other things a orator can do.

  • Spelling: Just ask “Hey Siri, how do we spell (insert word)?”
  • Directions: Ask “Hey Siri, how prolonged will it take to get to (a end of interest)” to check a estimated transport time.
  • Set alarms: You can say, “Hey Siri, arise me adult during 7 a.m.” or Hey Siri, set a 30-minute timer” while you’re cooking in a kitchen. You can stop any alarm by observant “Hey Siri, stop” or “Hey Siri, snooze.”
  • Pair concordant intelligent home devices: Pair a intelligent home appendage in a Apple Home app. If it’s a lightbulb, we can fast control your lights by saying, “Hey Siri, spin on/off a lights.”
  • Create a sequence of events: Also famous as a scene, to spin off your lights, close a front doorway and adjust a thermostat to a cooler heat when we go to nap by saying, “Hey Siri, Goodnight.”

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