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Google recently denounced a bigger, beefier intelligent home orator – that is set to contest with Apple’s HomePod.

The Google Home Max boasts a incomparable footprint than a Google Home and uses a additional space to squeeze improved speakers and additional hardware into a chassis.

The device is set to launch in December, around a same time as a Apple HomePod.

To see how a intelligent speakers compare, we looked during their specifications and facilities – as minute below.


While a Google Home Max boasts dual high-excursion woofers – double that of a HomePod – Apple’s device has an array of 7 tweeters surrounding a speaker’s executive column.

The Home Max is significantly incomparable than a HomePod, and subsequently weighs roughly twice as much.

Both inclination underline Wi-Fi connectivity with MIMO support, and a Home Max has a USB Type-C pier and 3.5mm audio jack. The HomePod has no connectivity ports.

Google Max

Smart features

The Home Max is a some-more costly option, labelled during $399 compared to a HomePod’s $349 cost tag.

However, Google Home Max buyers will also accept a giveaway 12-month subscription to YouTube Red – that includes YouTube Music.

Both speakers automatically analyse a acoustics of their surroundings, regulating audio beam-forming record to optimise their sound.

This means a speakers will always broach good sound, even if they are placed opposite a wall, on a shelf, or in a center of a room.

Google Home Max’s voice commands are powered by Google Assistant, while a HomePod is inhabited by Apple’s voice assistant, Siri.

The usability of a dual assistants depends on that ecosystem we prefer, and this could be a cause in last that orator to purchase.

Both inclination are labelled similarly, underline high-end sound, and aim to be placed as a executive intelligent orator for your home.

In a end, a biggest conversion cause could be what form of smartphone we have – as those with their information stored in their Google Account would advantage from a Google-powered intelligent speaker.

The same goes for Apple’s HomePod, as users with Apple Music subscriptions and iTunes accounts can confederate a services.

Apple HomePod speaker

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