Apple HomePod vs Google Home: Which One Is Better?

If you’re in a marketplace for a intelligent speaker, we might be deliberation a Apple HomePod and Google Home. Both respond to voice commands and bond to intelligent practical assistants, so we can ask for news updates, trade reports, and other information. Both also act as intelligent home centerpieces, vouchsafing we control other intelligent inclination in your home. But they differ in price, design, audio quality, and other critical aspects. 

Which one is right for you? Here’s all we need to know about Apple HomePod vs. Google Home. 

Apple HomePod vs. Google Home: Design

Google Home is small, compact, and portable. The demeanour really says “home decor,” as it resembles an atmosphere freshener or tiny vase. The wide, turn bottom tapers adult to an pointed top. The bottom is swappable, so for an additional cost, we can buy extras in opposite materials and colors to change a look. Including a charger, it weighs reduction than a bruise and a half, and it stands 5.62 inches tall.

Comparatively, a Apple HomePod is a fat fireplug. It’s a cylinder with dull edges, lonesome in fabric that’s possibly space gray or white. It clocks in during a whopping 5.5 pounds and measures 6.8 inches high.

Both inclination contingency be connected to a energy source to work, so don’t be fooled by ads that uncover them yet a cord. For a Google Home, we can optionally buy a unstable battery that connects to a bottom to make it some-more unstable and wireless.

Apple HomePod vs. Google Home: Price

Apple HomePod lists for $349. Google Home lists for $129 and now sells for $89.

Much of a cost disproportion boils down to what’s in a courage of any product, as you’ll see in a subsequent few comparisons of their other specs.


Apple HomePod vs. Google Home: Audio quality

Apple HomePod has higher audio peculiarity to Google Home.

In a specs for a device, Apple proudly shows off a HomePod’s high-excursion woofer and set of 7 horn-loaded tweeters, any with a possess tradition amplifier. In easier terms, it’s absolute adequate to make song sound good, yet losing drum or sounding tinny. The HomePod also has facilities that presumably adjust aspects of a audio that comment for division from a speaker’s surroundings.

Google doesn’t give divided many about a hardware for a orator components. Overall, it’s famous for carrying decent peculiarity audio for conference information, listening to podcasts, and personification song casually. But many people do bond a delegate orator for softened sound, quite for music.

Google Home vs. Apple HomePod: Setup, software, and app

To set adult Google Home, we need a Google Home app, accessible for Android and iOS.

To set adult Apple HomePod, we need a Apple Home app, that is usually accessible for iOS, yet that’s usually a tip of a iceberg. You also need iCloud Keychain enabled and two-factor authentication for your Apple ID.

For possibly device, we need a mobile app to bond concordant intelligent home products, such as light bulbs, locks, and intercoms. You also need it to adjust settings.

In some cases, we need your smartphone to lift out a authority that a device can’t do on a own. For example, if we wish to play Spotify on a Apple HomePod, we contingency do it by a app. Only Apple-owned song services, such as Beats 1 live and iTunes, respond to voice commands.

Apple HomePod vs. Google Home: Recognizing voices

You can sight Google Home to commend opposite voices. So when your roommate says, “Hey, Google. Add a sign to collect adult my prescription,” we won’t get someone else’s to-do list.

Apple HomePod does not have any approach to heed one chairman from another. It does commend anyone who speaks to it and uses a arise word, though.


Apple HomePod vs. Google Home: Compatible inclination and accessories

Which intelligent appliances and light bulbs can we bond to Google Home or Apple HomePod?

To answer that question, we have to tweak it slightly. Better: “What can we bond to Google Home or Apple HomeKit?” since technically, we bond to a app rather than a speaker. The orator is merely an submit device for determining all a devices.

Google Home (the app) works with some-more concordant inclination and accessories than HomeKit. The reason, in part, is Apple has stricter confidence mandate for inclination that it allows into a ecosystem (more on that next in a Privacy section). One critical repudiation from Apple is Nest Thermostat.

Some of a companies creation HomeKit-compatible devices are:

  • D-Link (camera)
  • ecobee (thermostats, switches)
  • Honeywell (security)
  • iDevices (switchest, sockets and outlets)
  • Koogeek (lighting, outlets)
  • Onelink (smoke detectors)
  • Robin (doorbell)
  • Somfy (cameras)

And here are some companies creation Google Home-compatible devices:

  • (security)
  • August (locks)
  • Blossom (gardening)
  • Canary (security cameras)
  • Canon (printer)
  • Chromecast (entertainment)
  • LG (electronics)
  • Nest (thermostat)
  • Nexx Garage (garage doorway opener)
  • Philips (lighting)
  • RoboVac (appliances)
  • SmartThings (security)

Google Home works with many some-more vendors, too.

Google Home vs. Apple HomePod: Buttons, ports, and interface

Google Home and Apple HomePod magnitude adult equally when it comes to their buttons, ports, and interfaces. One vital disproportion is that Google Home has a earthy tongue-tied switch, yet HomePod doesn’t.

Both inclination have only one port, used to bond a energy cord. Indicator lights blink when a device is active. On HomePod, it’s an undulating pool of light, since Google Home uses a few kaleidoscopic LEDs.

Both inclination have reason interfaces. On Google Home, we can drag your finger clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust a volume, daub once to postponement or resume, and press and reason to trigger listening yet observant a arise word. Apple HomePod is similar. To change a volume, reason a +/- signs that light adult when audio is playing. If we press and reason a top, you’ll trigger Siri to listen yet observant a arise word. Tapping once pauses and resumes. With HomePod, we can also double daub to skip song brazen and triple daub to skip backward, that a Google Home does not do.


Google Home vs. Apple HomePod: Privacy

Google Home and Apple HomePod have drastically opposite remoteness standards.

With Google Home, all we say, request, and buy regulating Google Home is compared with your Google account. (Amazon Echo with Alexa works similarly.) Different people in your domicile can use Google Home, and a device distinguishes who’s speaking. So if we ask Google Home to supplement a sign to your calendar, it will supplement it to your calendar and not your roommate’s.

Differentiating who’s vocalization and comparing information with an particular also means that, for example, a supervision could summons Google for a record of all you’ve pronounced and finished with it. Google technically has such records. Whether a association will give them adult is another matter. The indicate is, a information record is there, compared with you.

Apple does not use a personal form for your HomeKit information. In other words, it does not emanate one record of information about we and tie it to your username. Instead, when we ask HomePod to lift out a command, Siri creates a ask to a cloud regulating a pointless identifier. If Apple indispensable to dredge adult justification of something you pronounced in your home, it would be scarcely unfit since a association has no approach to figure out that of a pointless identifiers is compared with we and your actions. That might sound improved than Google Home, yet there is a hitch.

HomePod does not heed among voices, yet it will lift out commands that anyone asks of it. If a HomePod is connected to your Apple ID and iCloud account, and your kids, roommate or poignant other ask Siri to review content messages aloud, it will review your messages. Effectively, anyone in your home can meddler on you.

Apple HomePod or Google Home?

Google Home is reduction expensive, works with some-more intelligent home products, and can compute between voices in your domicile to give any chairman individualized answers and results. Apple HomePod is a some-more absolute orator when it comes to audio peculiarity and does a improved pursuit of gripping your information anonymized and therefore private.

If you’re selecting between a dual products, those points of split are expected a many critical ones to consider.

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