Apple iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Which is best?

The 1,821mAh battery of a iPhone 8 competence seem flattering scanty compared to a Galaxy S8’s 3,000mAh dungeon – and true, there is some difference. Used modestly around a day, a iPhone 8 can final we until bedtime, nonetheless you’ll substantially need a top-up before afterwards if we pull any harder with games and media.

The Galaxy S8, meanwhile, binds stronger around a day, and is improved matched to maybe final a bit into a second day if we don’t go nuts with it. It has a plain corner here. Both phones offer wireless charging, now that a iPhone 8 has potion on a back, and we can fast-charge both – nonetheless you’ll have to buy a apart adapter for a iPhone.

Samsung wins out with storage, as well. Apple now offers a iPhone in 64GB and 256GB varieties, with a immeasurable £150 burst between versions. Meanwhile, a Galaxy S8 only comes with 64GB within, though afterwards we can buy inexpensive microSD cards and ascent during will around expandable storage. Yes, that is a most some-more essential option!

You also get some discretionary reward abilities with a Galaxy S8, such as a interesting Gear VR headset, as good as support for Samsung’s DeX Station, that lets we block in a keyboard, mouse, and guard and use your smartphone as a correct desktop PC. It’s a cold concept, during least, even if a execution isn’t all that spectacular.

And yes, a Galaxy S8 has a correct headphone port. The iPhone 8 still doesn’t.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S8

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