Apple only done a few large updates to the $350 HomePod intelligent orator — here’s all that’s new

Apple’s HomePod is removing a bit smarter interjection to a new program update.

Apple rolled out iOS 12 on Monday, a latest refurbish to a handling complement for iPhones and iPads. The refurbish — that is giveaway and accessible for download now for anyone with an iPhone 5S or after — includes a few pivotal updates to HomePod, Apple’s $349 intelligent speaker.

When HomePod done a entrance progressing this year, it didn’t accurately win over critics with a smarts. While a orator sounds great, the chronicle of Siri inside HomePod isn’t as “smart” as competitors like Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

But a new updates to HomePod, while subtle, should make it easier to use and some-more useful for many people.

Here’s all that’s new with HomePod.

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