Apple Postpones Release of HomePod Speaker


Apple introduced a HomePod orator in Jun and had pronounced a product would boat by a finish of a year.

Jim Wilson/The New York Times

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple is putting a brakes on a attainment this year of HomePod, a much-ballyhooed opposition to Amazon’s Echo intelligent speaker.

On Friday, a association pronounced it would postpone a recover of HomePod to early 2018. Apple introduced a orator this year and was creatively set to boat it subsequent month, though a association pronounced it was still operative on a product.

“We can’t wait for people to knowledge HomePod, Apple’s breakthrough wireless orator for a home, though we need a small some-more time before it’s prepared for a customers,” Apple pronounced in a statement.

The delay deals a reversal to Apple in several ways. The association is already behind rivals like Amazon, that pioneered a marketplace for speakers that can be tranquil with voice commands and synthetic comprehension with a recover of a strange Echo in 2015. The Echo, along with a practical partner Alexa, became a warn hit.


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Now Apple will also skip out on offered HomePod during a holiday selling season, a many remunerative time of year for wiring makers. That might capacitate rivals to benefit even some-more traction with their products.

Amazon recently released a family of new Echo products with reduce prices. The standard-size Echo orator costs $100, significantly reduction than a $180 predecessor.

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