Apple rolls out changes to womanlike British voice on HomePod and iOS


Apple has done another change to a British voice of Siri on a devices, with iOS and HomePod users now means to hear an updated chronicle of a womanlike voice following identical upgrades recently done to a masculine chronicle in February.


Following a identical settlement to final month’s upgraded British masculine voice rollout, users are starting to notice that changes are done to a approach a British womanlike voice sounds. The refurbish is solemnly rolling out opposite both iPhone and iPad this week, along with a HomePod, a initial device to have a altered masculine voice.

The refurbish to a voice seems to be in a identical capillary to a masculine version, in that it is a same core voice though clearer and sounding some-more natural. The changes clearly usually impact a voice quality, and not a capabilities of Siri itself.

It is misleading if a rollout will primarily request only to British users of Siri or if it is accessible to all users around a universe who have comparison that voice choice within a practical assistant’s settings. It is also trustworthy that a alterations to both a masculine and womanlike British voices could lead to serve improvements in other informal accents for Siri in a future.

Apple started a pull for some-more healthy Siri voices starting with a launch of iOS 11 in 2017, and has seen light improvements given then. Further improvements are anticipated, with June’s WWDC 2019 a expected venue for Apple to showcase a arriving changes, along with previews of a subsequent vital versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

The alterations to a British womanlike Siri was first noted by 9to5mac.

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