Apple’s HomePod 12.1 Software Missing for Most HomePod Users [Update: Fixed]

Apple has been updating a HomePod program alongside vital iOS updates, so it was something of a warn when iOS 12.1 was expelled yesterday with no concomitant HomePod 12.1 program to go along with it.

As it turns out, though, there is a HomePod 12.1 update, it only appears to be bugged for those who updated their HomePod to a chronicle 12 program after updating to iOS 12.

On Reddit, a user who purchased a code new HomePod using HomePod program chronicle 11 was able to update to a 12.1 software, that apparently includes fortitude updates and bug fixes.

On Twitter, developer Khaos Tian pronounced that Apple is charity adult a HomePod refurbish with an inner URL that prevents people from downloading it.

Apple might be means to repair this HomePod program emanate comparatively easily, so we could see a HomePod 12.1 program turn accessible for download shortly.

Update: Just after this essay was posted, Apple done a HomePod 12.1 program available. It can be downloaded from a Home app on a iPhone and a iPad by drumming on a house-shaped idol in a top left, drumming on “Home Settings,” selecting your home, and selecting a “Software Update” option.

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