Apple’s HomePod during $249, one of a best deals this year, is back

In box we missed a few opportunities around Black Friday to find a Apple HomePod for $249 — $100 off of a common cost — here’s another one. BH Photo, Target and Best Buy are any charity a singular supply of a HomePod in both a black or white tone options for $249. For perspective, $249 for a new HomePod is still $50 cheaper than Apple offers for refurbished models.

There are a lot of intelligent speakers on a marketplace from a likes of Google and Amazon, nonetheless Apple’s entrance to a space is singular in a few ways. It’s tailor-made for those who are all in on Apple products and services (though, not super accessible to those outward of that walled garden.) It’s small, nonetheless it can fill many bedrooms with clear, minute audio, and it’s concordant with AirPlay 2.

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