Apple’s HomePod can now be played as a stereo span – so is it value shopping two?

I’m an out-of-date song listener and cite to put on a record than go by a rigamarole of environment adult a wireless speaker.

But I’m starting to cruise that we competence finally change my disagreeable aged ways after perplexing out a span of stereo Apple HomePods.

When a speakers launched progressing this year, we could usually play one during a time. That’s all altered with a new program refurbish that allows we to couple adult dual HomePods to form one incredible-sounding wifi hifi.

We attempted out a new Apple refurbish that turns a span of speakers into overwhelming mega hi-fi means of implausible sound peculiarity (Photo: James D. Morgan/Getty Images)

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In my examination of a HomePod, we pronounced that anyone who can means a £329 cost tab should rush out and buy one since you’re unequivocally not going to get a improved sounding wireless orator during anywhere nearby a price.

Today I’m going to go a bit serve and suggest we get a credit label out and buy dual since joining dual HomePods creates for a strikingly opposite experience.

The ability to ‘pair’ adult dual HomePods was introduced in iOS 11.4, that is an handling complement for iPhone and iPad, and it’s stunningly elementary to use.

Basically, we plugged in dual speakers, non-stop adult a Home app on my iPhone and was means to make dual speakers play a same thing (you can find out some-more about how to do this on Apple’s website or demeanour during a design below) in a few symbol presses.

This gif shows a routine of environment adult stereo HomePods (Photo: Apple)


After this, we suspicion I’d get artistic and usually ask Siri to span adult a speakers by observant ‘Hey Siri, play HomePods in stereo’ – and it usually worked.

This is considerable things since removing other speakers interconnected can be intensely fiddly.

The sound boost we get from dual stereo speakers is also utterly astonishing, with a huge, shuddering sub-bass increased to room-shaking volumes and pleasing high or mids singing out transparent and undistorted.

A span of HomePods unequivocally does come tighten to relating a sound peculiarity of a ‘real’ complement costing thousands of pounds.

The low finish was already important on a HomePod, though a stereo span unequivocally ramps adult a drum to uncover off low-pitched sum we simply wouldn’t hear on obtuse speakers.

However, when we arrive during this arrange of cost indicate we are starting to get into correct orator domain – and there’s no doubt large child speakers are always going to sound better, since they pierce some-more air.

But you’d have to buy speakers, an amplifier and a subwoofer to compare a HomePod – and we don’t imagination your chances of removing all that for £758.

Spotify is still not totally acquire on HomePod, since we can usually voice control Apple Music, so that competence beam your preference too.

In practice, we didn’t find that a problem since we can bond your phone, mechanism or another device to HomePod to play flattering most anything – and we find that voice orders are unequivocally inefficient. Just try seeking to hear ‘The Fall’, ‘The The’ or anything else with a common name and you’ll realize it’s easier to name songs from a tool rather than perplexing to trade with Siri.

Nonetheless, if you’ve got usually over £700 to spend and are looking for a outstanding new hi-fi system, we cruise we would be really gratified with two HomePods. I’ve not listened speakers of this distance furnish such epic sound before and continue to be blown divided with a depth, expansiveness and brilliance of a audio from Apple’s initial hifi gadget.

Crucially, my bad aged record actor is starting to feel a small unloved, that we unequivocally didn’t expect. One HomePod is good by itself – though listening to a span of a speakers make honeyed song together is a fun and a delight.

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