Apple’s HomePod has identical marketplace share to high-end Echo Plus, Google Home Max


Although it has a following identical to other high finish intelligent speakers, a Apple HomePod is still being eclipsed in a U.S. marketplace by cheaper offerings by Amazon and Google, newly-published consult information suggests.

The HomePod accounts for 4 percent of speakers, Strategy Analytics pronounced on Monday. The figure is formed on a check of 1,011 smartspeaker owners conducted in Jul and August.

The 3 heading inclination were a Amazon Echo, a Echo Dot, and a Google Home, during 23, 21, and 8 percent, respectively. The HomePod effectively tied with several other Echo models, namely a Plus, Spot, Show, and Dot Kids Edition.

Apple has so distant been wordless on HomePod sales over progressing a certain outlook, refusing to share accurate numbers. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners estimates published in Aug claimed that a association controlled a 6 percent share of a marketplace pronounced to be around 50 million commissioned speakers in a U.S.

Apple’s categorical barrier has expected been price. The HomePod is $349, scarcely $300 some-more than a third-generation Echo Dot, and $249 some-more than a customary Echo. While a HomePod provides most aloft audio quality, Amazon’s prices make it probable to separate smartspeakers via a home.

Amazon’s Alexa voice partner is also typically deliberate some-more useful than Siri. The usually song use natively upheld by Siri, for instance, is Apple Music, since Alexa users have entrance to Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, and others.

Apple has been rumored as working on a cheaper HomePod, that could could feasible be announced during an Oct. 30 press event.

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