Apple’s HomePod Is Starting to Capture More Smart Speaker Market Share

Apple’s HomePod is starting to make inroads into a intelligent orator market.

The tech giant’s HomePod was means to constraint 6% marketplace share in a U.S. during a finish of a second quarter, earning it “small though suggestive share,” Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) co-founder Josh Lowitz pronounced in a matter (PDF). While that was distant behind a Amazon Echo and Google Home, that warranted 70% and 24% share, respectively, Apple has been means to acquire that cut in just a final several months. Its competitors have been accessible for years.

Apple’s HomePod is decidedly opposite from a Echo and Home. While a alternatives are given with high-powered practical personal assistants that can control intelligent home appliances and work with a accumulation of third-party services, Apple’s HomePod is rather under-powered in comparison. Apple itself has pitched a HomePod as a high-end orator that can perform some intelligent facilities with assistance from a onboard practical partner Siri.

For CIRP, however, a biggest problem confronting a HomePod competence be a price. The researcher pronounced that a device’s $349 cost tab creates it hundreds of dollars some-more costly than a alternatives. And in sequence for Apple to constraint some-more marketplace share, it competence need to broach “a some-more rival model,” according to Lowitz.

Interestingly, a CIRP information also sheds light on how people are shopping Home and Echo. The researcher found that 34% of Echo users and 31% of Google Home users possess some-more than one intelligent speaker. And in some cases, people are putting 3 or 4 units in their homes.

“Each code wants to settle a position in a household, with units in each room,” CIRP co-founder Mike Levin pronounced in a statement. “This seems to work, as about one-third of owners have mixed units, and roughly 10% of Echo users have 3 or more.”

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