Apple’s iOS 11.4 beta gives a glance of AirPlay 2 multiroom audio for HomePod

One of a many vivid omissions from a HomePod’s list of facilities is a ability to bond wirelessly to other HomePods. Especially as it was one of a categorical offered points of a speaker, enclosed both in Apple’s launch and a HomePod homepage.

Well, it looks like that underline could potentially be on a way, if a open beta of iOS 11.4 is anything to go by. 

Apple has expelled a open beta for both a iOS and TVOS, a handling complement for mobile and TV devices. And enclosed in these betas are a foundations for multiroom audio and stereo HomePods regulating AirPlay 2.

Not utterly there yet

The reason we contend ‘foundations’, is that a underline is by no means entirely fleshed out. In fact, multiroom audio usually works on a Apple TV, and not a HomePod, even when regulating a beta.

According to Cnet, there is an choice to “Create Audio Pair” though when we try to name it, we get a warning summary revelation we to refurbish your software, that we afterwards can’t do. 

As AirPlay 2 has been enclosed in a open beta before, it’s probable that those watchful for a underline will have to wait a small longer still, generally if you’re watchful to use it with a HomePod. 

As an engaging side note, it looks like TVOS is integrating some facilities with a Home app, definition you’ll potentially be means to couple Apple TV adult to Scenes with HomeKit.

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