Apple’s new $350 HomePod orator sounds good — though there are 7 essential things it can’t do

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  • Apple’s new $350 intelligent speaker, HomePod, starts shipping Feb 9.
  • It has some cold facilities like “room-sensing technology,” a ability to work as a HomeKit hub, and — many importantly — high-quality sound. 
  • But it has several limitations, like a fact that it can usually work with iOS devices, and a inability to sync with your calendar. 

When Apple’s HomePod starts shipping on Feb 9, it will be means to do a lot of things no other Apple product can now do. 

It will be a best approach to listen to Apple Music — if our discerning demo was any indication, it will sound amazing. It can tell we some-more about a artists we like and come adult with playlists formed on what it thinks you’ll enjoy.

It will even be means to map out a room it’s in — something Apple calls “room-sensing technology” — to yield a improved listening experience. 

But there are a few things HomePod can’t do, things that other intelligent speakers on a marketplace can. Did we know, for instance, that we must have an iOS device to set it up?

Here are 7 vital things Apple’s new HomePod can’t do:

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