Apple’s Siri, HomePod and a voice partner showdown

The conflict of a intelligent assistants continues, and while people seem to wish to get some-more from regulating Siri, others seem to wish to figure out how to spin Cortana off, and Google Assistant isn’t distant behind. How can Apple feat a advantages to pull HomePod higher?

Voice assistants face-off

I’ve been digging by a latest engaging information from SEMRush, that common their commentary around hunt habits when it comes to voice assistants. The investigate shows that Siri is now a many searched intelligent personal assistant, both globally and in a U.S., and it also shows a arrange of questions people are seeking about all a assistants.

cortana chartSEMRush

That’s how come we know that a many renouned questions people ask about Siri are what funny things it says, what it does, and how to get some-more out of it. That compares with a kinds of questions people are seeking about other voice assistants:

  • People ask what Google Assistant is and how to switch it off.
  • The tip 3 queries done about Cortana are fundamentally 3 opposite ways of seeking how to switch a underline off
  • Users ask what Bixby is and how to spin it off.

In fact, when it comes to acid online for information about voice assistants, it’s usually Amazon’s Alexa that seems to compare Siri users focusing on “How to” questions. People are looking for a Alexa app, operative out how to set it up, and perplexing to know how to use Alexa Skills.

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