Arcade Classic Toki Getting a Visual Upgrade, Coming to Nintendo Switch

Toki Switch

Back in a 80’s, we had a series of good Taito arcade and home games that entertained us. Among these was Toki, a fun small platformer featuring a drastic ape attempting to rescue his bride from a infamous wizard. But instead of regulating any aged weapon, Toki indeed inhabits a neat ability – being means to fire special orbs out of his mouth.

The strange arcade diversion was a hit, and also saw a recover on a NES, as good as a Sega Genesis with a desirous supplement Toki Going Ape Spit. But it’s been ages given we’ve seen him since, withdrawal us wondering if he would return. Well, theory what – he is!

The growth group during Microids took to Twitter today to endorse that a long-in-production chronicle of Toki will in fact be entrance out this year. In fact, it’s creation a beeline for a Nintendo Switch system, so players will be means to suffer his exploits possibly during home or on a go.

A recover date wasn’t given for a diversion only yet, though only saying that it’s finally on a approach behind to a home complement is good news. And, formed on a screenshot above, it looks to live a uninformed new art impression that brings a classical platforming diversion to implausible life.

“The reconstitute of a famous arcade diversion #TOKI will be expelled on #NIntendoSwitch finish 2018,” a group remarkable in a announcement. @PhilippeDessoly, a artist for a strange Toki game, is holding assign of a artistic instruction of a pretension accompanied by Pierre Adane during development.”

It also enclosed a new trademark shade for a character, that we can see below, that facilities a ape holding adult what appears to be a vast burning universe of some kind. Oh, and if we compensate tighten attention, we can also see a football helmet in a logo, that Toki can wear to extend him an additional hit.

TOki 2


We’ll keep tabs on this diversion as growth goes on, though it’s good to see that Toki is finally removing his due after so most time on a shelf. And with good looking graphics, to boot.

Toki will recover for Nintendo Switch after this year.

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