Ask 5: Google Drive vs. Microsoft SharePoint

Many students have listened about Google Drive and Microsoft SharePoint. They both are means to assist students and others in collaborating on projects. With this collaboration, mixed parties are means to revise a same papers during a same time. SharePoint has a ability to make lists and emanate workflows. Google Drive, on a other hand, is cheaper to use and is giveaway until a consumer goes over 15GB.

A lot of opposite schools preference Microsoft SharePoint over google drive. At UWL some-more people use Microsoft over Google. However, in some high schools, google expostulate tends to be some-more renouned and some-more students are informed with it. But what do a students cite between these two? These 5 UWL students common their submit on either a university should use google expostulate or Microsoft SharePoint and what one they prefer.

Freshmen, Madi Storie pronounced she prefers google drive. She stated, “I know how to use google expostulate more, and we haven’t had to use SharePoint yet.” Storie hasn’t had a need to use SharePoint yet she combined that she would be open to regulating SharePoint as well.

Shelby Riese, freshmen concluded with Storie on preferring Google Drive. She is another tyro who isn’t informed with SharePoint and prefers google drive. Riese said, “I used expostulate in high school, and I’m some-more informed with it. we consider it’s a good height for tyro collaboration.”

It might seem like students suffer google expostulate more, yet that isn’t a case. Even yet SharePoint might not be as widely used to some, those who do use it tend to cite it more. At initial Maddie Kittleson, youth adored drive, however that altered once she used SharePoint. She stated, “Now that we know how to use SharePoint, we cite it more.”

However, freshman, Luke Zoroufy sees both sides. Zoroufy does cite one over a other, yet he also understands because they might both be popular. “I like google expostulate more. It’s easier to use, however with changing systems, it could be tough regulating Google Drive,” he stated.

Katie Turner, sophomore, also agrees with Storie and Riese. She stated, “I cite google some-more and we use it more. we consider it’s some-more concordant with all devices. Microsoft can get treacherous when we have to download it and use it on your laptop.”

In a pointless sample, many people chose Drive over SharePoint. However, even yet many people cite Google Drive, it isn’t what everybody opts for.  Which one is improved depends on preferences and what one any tyro might use more. The discuss between Microsoft SharePoint and Google Drive will continue to be discussed for as prolonged as any one is used.



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