‘Ask Me Anything’: Google discreetly launches Cameos app for …

CALIFORNIA [UNITED STATES]: Google sensitively introduced a new amicable media app that will make your hunt about celebrities a small some-more interesting.

Called Cameos, a app allows celebrities or open total of management record video answers to a many asked questions on Google by people.

One can simply record their answer and post it right on Google.

As per a app’s outline on App Store, one gets to select that doubt they wish to answer and when to answer.

The luminary gets to select from many asked questions, fan questions, and trending topics associated to them.

The judgment is identical to Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) event that is really renouned among celebrities.

Cameos on Google app is now accessible usually by application. Celebrities will have to implement a app to ask access.

Striking The Balance With Android P

Google wants to assistance we with digital well-being. The handling system’s 4 new extraordinary facilities will assistance we devise your lives improved and indulge in suggestive engagement.

Dashboard in Andoid P will give we entrance to a draft of apps we are enchanting in and a activities within a certain app.

With a app-timer mode, your smartphone will poke we when we are tighten to your extent of regulating one sold app, after that it will spin grey for a rest of a day to remind we of your goals.

If we capacitate a new do not disquiet ‘Shush’ mode and keep your phone upside down, it will hindrance all notifications. However, usually your suggested pivotal contacts can strech out to we if this mode is enabled.

Snooze time will get improved with ‘Wind Down’ feature. If your shade time before going to bed takes adult some-more than an hour of your nap time, this is bonus in disguise. This underline will spin your shade grey, that automatically discourages your mind to rivet in your phone.

If we wish to try these new updates now, ‘Android P Beta’ is accessible on Google Pixel and 7 other flagship inclination like Nokia, Vivo, OnePlus, Mi, Sony, Oppo, Essential.

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