Asus ROG Phone stomps Razer Phone 2 in user poll

It’s weird, though it positively is a thing — a “gamer phones” are holding over! It’s removing out of palm — now there are dual of them!

Of course, we are articulate about a Razer Phone and a Asus ROG Phone. Who would’ve suspicion that these dual companies will launch Android inclination marketed towards a hard-gaming, RGB-addicted, headshot-making gamers out there? Given a fact that both companies have their gaming code subsidy them up, a products themselves positively have some allure to them.

But they are also vastly different. The Razer Phone 2 insisted on progressing a boxy pattern with a 16:9 shade aspect ratio, while a ROG Phone launched with a neat design, a garland of gaming accessories to insert to it, and a new-fashioned 18:9 ratio. The Razer Phone 2 has an LCD row with a 120 Hz modernise rate, that is utterly crazy, though a ROG Phone has an OLED shade with 90 Hz, that is positively zero to smile during either.

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They are only so different, nonetheless targeted during a same throng of consumers. So, we suspicion we’d ask — that one do we consider is a improved buy? Here are a check results:

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Razer Phone 2 or ROG Phone?

Razer Phone 2!
28.4% (288 votes)
(288 votes)

The ROG Phone has this one!
71.6% (726 votes)
(726 votes)

1014 votes

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