Atari is BACK: Could Atari VCS give Nintendo NES Classic Mini a run for the money?

Atari’s Video Computer System (often referred to as a VCS) has been a plant of many delays, yet we should be conference when pre-orders for a appurtenance are due to go live this April.

The new machine, that bears a clever similarity to a 1977 VCS 2600, isn’t utterly a console yet – not in a same approach you’d call an Xbox One or a PS4 a console.

The appurtenance is indeed some-more like a PC-lite – a Linux-based height that supports keyboard and rodent around Bluetooth, or comes with a dedicated pad (which looks a bit like an Ouya or OnLive pad… remember those?)

The console will boat with Atari classics installed onto a system, a same approach a Nintendo NES Classic did.

The disproportion is, Atari skeleton to also supplement upgraded versions of aged games to a system, too, giving we a specific reason to seize a console, even if we obey comparison titles.

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