Atlassian Stride gets ubiquitous release, adds Google Drive and …

Atlassian’s organisation discuss app Stride, unveiled as a singular recover product final September, is now accessible publicly and offers new integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox. 

Stride has been positioned as a inheritor to a company’s renouned HipChat height and as a  opposition to Slack, with a concentration on streamlining organisation discuss for users. Atlassian owns a operation of collaborative applications, including plan tracking concentration Jira and charge government apparatus Trello.

Though a association does not yield stats on daily or weekly active Stride users, Steve Goldsmith, conduct of communications products for Stride, pronounced that “tens of thousands” of teams are already regulating a platform. 

Some are existent HipChat users that upgraded to Stride, pronounced Goldsmith, yet “a large cube of them are people entrance from other products and contend they are overwhelmed.” Others have switched to from consumer messaging apps such as Skype, iMessage or content messaging or from opposition organisation discuss apps, he said. 

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