AT&T incidentally reliable Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active

The fact that Samsung is operative on a rugged, Active-branded various of a flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone isn’t accurately a surprise. The device was rumored as early as April, and cinema and specifications for a arriving smartphone have already throughly been leaked.

Still, if you’ve been watchful for some kind of central acknowledgment that a S8 Active is real, afterwards this incidentally posted selling duplicate from a new ATT graduation should assistance remonstrate we (via XDA Developers).

Image: XDA Developers

The picture comes from a (now taken-down) chronicle of a FAQs for ATT and Samsung’s now using TV promotion, and references a S8, S8 Plus, and a as-yet-not-officially-announced S8 Active. This would seem to endorse both that a device exists as good as a fact that it’ll be offering on ATT. (The prior S6 Active and S7 Active models were ATT-exclusive devices, too.)

There’s still no word on things like pricing or a recover date, though during a rate that information about a S8 Active keeps attack a internet, it’s expected usually a matter of time during this point.

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