Barnes & Noble Says Farewell to Bethesda Row

Customers contend they will skip a downtown landmark that has been in business 20 years

The Barnes  Noble non-stop in Bethesda in 1997.

The Barnes Noble non-stop in Bethesda in 1997.


The Barnes Noble on Bethesda Row was full of dull shelves and sentimental business on Thursday, a final day in business.

The tradesman that spent dual decades as a landmark, meetup mark and bookseller on Bethesda Avenue is make-up adult and observant goodbye.

Friends Colleen Cullinane and Reagan Raczynski gasped in dismay Thursday afternoon as they walked past a store and speckled a pointer announcing a Jan. 11 closure.

“It’s so sad,” Raczynski, 18, said.

“I don’t know where center schoolers are going to accommodate adult for their dates,” Cullinane, 18, pronounced ruefully.

Cullinane and Raczynski, both graduates of Walt Whitman High School, pronounced a bookstore is installed with memories for them. Raczynski pronounced she complicated during a store scarcely each day after school, and she and her relatives had a Sunday tradition of visiting a Barnes Noble to collect out a new book.

The dual friends both had their initial kisses within steer of a store, they said.

Abhi Sharma, a D.C. proprietor who works in Bethesda, walked out of a Barnes Noble carrying a smoke-stack of new books Thursday afternoon. As a program designer, he still appreciates relaxing by reading a paper book rather than staring during another screen. He pronounced he’ll skip browsing a aisles of Barnes Noble.

Reagan Raczynski, left, and Colleen Cullinane pronounced a Barnes Noble was full of childhood memories for them. Abhi Sharma, right, pronounced it was suitable that he bought a book “Why Dinosaurs Matter” during a store Thursday. “Bookstores are going a approach of a dinosaur,” he said. Credit: Bethany Rodgers.

Employees inside a store pronounced they couldn’t criticism on a closure.

The proclamation of a bookseller’s depart from a three-level plcae came in Mar 2017. A Barnes Noble clamp boss told Bethesda Beat during a time that a business wanted to extend a franchise for a 37,500-square-foot space, though could not come to an agreement with a landlord, Federal Realty Investment Trust.

Federal Realty in Jul announced that an Anthropologie wardrobe store would be relocating in to reinstate a Barnes Noble. There has been no open proclamation on what that store will happen.

In November, news pennyless that an Amazon Books would be relocating into Bethesda Row on Arlington Road, ensuring that internal readers still will have a place to shop.

Sharma pronounced he’s visited an Amazon Books opening in New York City and beheld that a shelves were mostly stocked with titles that had high patron ratings. Shoppers wouldn’t be as expected to event on a new author as they competence in a Barnes Noble, he said.

“Amazon Books is still improved than nothing,” he said.

Frank Lloyd, another D.C. resident, pronounced he’s been a store patron for 20 years. He mostly likes to revisit Barnes Noble to lay in a café and review for free, he said, though he’s also bought so many books over a years that his mother has asked him to extent his purchases to presents for his grandchildren.

“I’m going to skip them terribly,” he pronounced of a Barnes Noble, adding that he’d spent some-more than an hour in a store Thursday afternoon. “I wanted to be here for a final day, to have a final crater of coffee.”

Frank Lloyd, left, stands outward a Barnes Noble. Inside a store, business were browsing by a remaining book selection. Credit: Bethany Rodgers.

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