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As it stands right now, a Razer Phone 2 is a best Android gaming phone in annoy of this unexpected apropos a bustling smartphone segment. Razer took what worked from a Razer Phone and extended it with a Razer Phone 2. For gamers, you’ll substantially wish a integrate pivotal accessories to raise a experience. While Bluetooth controller support isn’t as widespread as we would like, adequate top-quality games support it to make a SteelSeries Stratus XL an easy appendage collect for any Android gamer, while a Samsung 128GB Evo Select microSD is another good and affordable ascent to consider.

Best bluetooth controller for Android

Steel Series Stratus XL

The SteelSeries Stratus XL is a good controller that works for gaming on a Windows PC, your Android phone, and of course, your NVIDIA Shield TV. SteelSeries has fundamentally taken a best facilities from Sony’s DualShock and Microsoft’s Xbox One controllers and total them to emanate a Stratus XL. It connects around Bluetooth and plays for adult to 40 hours on dual AA batteries.

$32 during Amazon

Better hold for gamers

GameSir PUBG Mobile Joystick Controller

Instead of shopping a standalone controller, we could spin a Razer Phone 2 into a some-more gentle gaming device with an discretionary earthy joystick for some-more pleasing control. Paired with a Razer Phone 2’s challenging front-facing speakers, this is a winning multiple even if we opt to mislay a joystick attachment.

$13 during Amazon

A retro classic, modernized

8Bitdo SN30 Wireless Controller

Combining a iconic figure and demeanour of a Super Nintendo controller with a additional facilities gamers have come to design in 2018, a 8Bitdo SN30 is a good choice for anyone who loves a bit of nostalgia with their mobile gaming. This controller is unequivocally versatile and can be connected to your PC or other Android devices, too.

$43 during Amazon

Earbuds to compare your phone

Razer Hammerhead USB-C ANC Earbuds

Razer’s preference not to embody a headphone jack with a smartphones means you’d need to use a enclosed USB-C to 3.5mm adapter, or bond around Bluetooth if we wish to use headphones. We suggest a latest Hammerhead USB-C buds from Razer since they sound good with facilities like active sound termination and they heat immature like a behind of your Razer Phone 2.

$100 during Razer

Triple your inner storage

Samsung 128GB EVO Select MicroSD card

Razer usually offers a Razer Phone 2 with 64GB of storage, though does support stretched inner storage around microSD. That means for only $20, we can triple your phone’s storage with this arguable choice from Samsung. It’s a no-brainer with many bigger games holding adult a GB or some-more of storage space.

$20 during Amazon

Keep it charged up

Anker PowerCore II 10000mAh Battery Pack

The Razer Phone 2 offers unequivocally good battery life, along with a ability to go into a GameBooster settings to prioritize battery life so we can diversion longer. However, if you’re on your daily invert and start to get that low battery warning, you’ll be happy to have this unstable battery container from Anker handy. It has a ability to entirely assign a Razer Phone 2 twice before wanting to be charged itself.

$36 during Amazon

The Razer Phone 2 is a gamer phone that’s estimable of being discussed among a other reward flagship smartphones. With a integrate pivotal accessories like a Samsung 128GB EVO Select microSD card and a reliable controller like a SteelSeries Stratus XL, you’ll be prepared for all a best that a Google Play Store has to offer for gamers.

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