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Google Pixel or Pixel XL

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This is flattering simple. If we don’t wish to spend on a latest generation, collect adult a prior era Google Pixel or Pixel XL. Even yet they’re over a year old, we can simply find listings for new, refurbished and used Pixels.

You get a same plain steel build, a still-fantastic camera, smashing opening and a good bit of runway in terms of program updates still. Sure we get bigger bezels and last-generation specs, though those things unequivocally aren’t a reason we buy a Pixel phone in a initial place — it’s all about a Google experience, and 2016’s models still broach that. They even have a headphone jack, that is poignant for many people.

Bottom line: The same core Pixel knowledge can be found in a last-gen Pixels for 20-50% less.

One some-more thing: Be committed when shopping an comparison phone, creation certain to note a condition (new, used or refurbished) and sale form before we buy.

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