Best microSD Cards for Razer Phone 2

The Razer Phone 2 offers a slew of improvements over Razer’s initial try during creation a gaming phone, though one spec they didn’t nudge on was inner storage. The 64GB competence be adequate for most, though it can fill adult quick if we implement a ton of reward games from a Google Play Store and download your favorite song and Netflix shows for offline viewing. Fortunately, Razer has enclosed a microSD container for expandable storage so here are a best options

Best altogether pick

Samsung 128GB EVO Plus

There’s going to be a lot of behind and onward between Samsung and SanDisk on this list, though usually a former offers a 128GB label with slightly faster write speeds than a others for underneath $30.

$28 during Amazon

Double adult for less

Samsung 64GB EVO

There are smaller cards accessible for less, though to double adult your phone’s storage for only $15 — how can we spin that down? Samsung’s EVO microSD cards are impossibly arguable and a good choice for your Razer Phone 2 if we don’t wish to spend many to double adult your phone’s storage.

$15 during Amazon

Durable and fast

SanDisk Extreme 64GB

SanDisk’s 64GB microSD label is a bit pricier than Samsung’s, though it’s wholly means of recording 4K UHD video and is corroborated by a lifetime warranty. As a “Extreme” branding suggests, these cards have been designed to withstand all sorts of highlight and even deviation so we never have to worry about durability.

$29 during Amazon

Triple-up for less

Sandisk Ultra 200GB

There are listings for a SanDisk Ultra 200GB on Amazon for $10 less— though a concerning series of patron reviews saying a label they perceived is fake. Some deals are too good to be true, though this label is still a good value for around $50.

$53 during Amazon

Bring it all with you

Samsung Evo Plus 256GB

Any label that’s 256GB or bigger is going to substantially be for someone who wants to quit a outrageous library of games, movies, and TV shows onto their phone. The Razer Phone 2 is also a good device for gaming simulation and examination calm on a go. This is a top-class microSD that’s sole directly around Amazon.

$55 during Amazon

Most space possible

PNY Elite 512GB

We’re overtly not certain how we devise to fill a 512GB card, though if we consider we need that many space a Razer Phone 2 can hoop it with ease. The camera on a Razer Phone 2 is not wholly estimable of all of what this label can do, though if you’ll positively be means to take photos and videos during a tip settings.

$280 during Amazon

Speaking from experience, carrying a ability to sideload your possess calm onto a Razer Phone 2 is a smashing underline for retro gamers and film fans. The Razer Phone 2, in particular, has a unequivocally good combo of arrangement and front-facing speakers examination media and gaming on a go. For many people, a Samsung 128GB EVO Plus card will be your best choice interjection to a good change of speed, storage space, and many importantly a price.

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