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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a overwhelming smartphone with a plain operation of features, though a battery life is clearly average. It’s also sadly unavoidable that smartphone batteries mellow over time and onslaught to reason as many assign as they did when new. If you’re anticipating that your phone doesn’t make it to bedtime before using out of juice, afterwards we competence wish to cruise snagging one of a best Samsung Galaxy S8 battery cases.

Since a S8 has such a voluptuous design, we competence not be gratified during a awaiting of adding bulk and covering adult those curves, so we could opt for one of a best unstable battery chargers instead. We also have a roundup of a best Galaxy S8 cases for protection.

Maxboost Atomic Power Battery Case ($38)

Maxboost Atomic Power Battery Case

Packing a 4,500mAh battery, this box will double a battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S8. It’s one of a best value options out there and it offers a decent operation of features. Every battery box will supplement some bulk, though this one is comparatively slim for a capacity. It is also protecting with a TPU fender and tough behind plate, a slight mouth to guarantee a screen, and a finish that enhances grip. There is a chin during a bottom where it connects to your phone, though a USB-C pier can assign and sync information concurrently if we retard into your laptop or computer. It redirects a audio from your orator to a front. There is also an extender for a headphone port, decent symbol covers, and a 4 LED array on a behind to uncover remaining power. The downside is that NFC for mobile payments and wireless charging won’t work with this box on. Maxboost does offer a lifetime guaranty for this case. You can get this same accurate box from Trianium, though it’s a small pricier during a time of writing.

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ZeroLemon Ultra Power Extended Battery Case ($50)

ZeroLemon Ultra Power Extended Battery Case

This is a biggest and bulkiest battery box on a list, though with a ability of 8,500mAh that shouldn’t be surprising. You can pattern roughly dual full charges from this case, though if it’s too large for you, ZeroLemon also offers a somewhat slimmer battery box for a S8 with a 5,500mAh battery. There is no evading a fact this box hull your S8’s good looks creation it many thicker and longer, though a TPU construction will also ensure opposite drops and bumps. If we retard in a USB-C wire we can sync information to and from your phone and it will assign your phone adult first, afterwards assign a case. Because of a large ability here, it takes a while to assign entirely so we will wish to assign it adult overnight. The bottom-firing orator of your S8 is redirected to a front. You won’t be means to use NFC or wireless charging with this box on. ZeroLemon offers a 180-day guaranty with this case.

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Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case ($100)

Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case

If you’re recoiling in fear during a bulkiness of these battery cases, afterwards we competence cruise this Mophie case. It does still supplement weight and size, though it’s a bit slimmer than many and it offers a 2,950mAh battery that will give we around 50 percent, maybe a bit more, additional battery life for your Galaxy S8. The pattern is solid, with a mouth to strengthen a shade and inner bumpers to forestall dump damage. There is a customary 4 LED array on a behind to uncover remaining power, a orator is redirected to a front, and we can sync information by a USB-C wire that will also assign a phone first. You won’t be means to use NFC with this case, though it does support Qi wireless charging. It also has magnets inside to simply align and hang on Mophie’s Charge Force wharf range. The large stumbling retard here is a high price. Mophie offers a two-year guaranty with this case.

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Elebase Battery Case ($29)

Elebase Battery Case

Proving that we don’t need to spend large to boost that battery life, we have a Elebase battery box charity an additional 5,000mAh for underneath $30. It’s chunky, though it offers dump insurance and sports a lifted bezel to strengthen a screen. You can sync information and assign your phone around USB-C though stealing a case. It will yield some-more than a full assign for your S8, though there are a integrate of compromises here — a orator opening is on a bottom corner and there is a singular LED that displays opposite colors to uncover remaining power. The box itself is also delayed to charge, so we need to leave it plugged in for a few hours. A few reviews news overheating with this battery case, though a manufacturer offers a 12-month guaranty and will reinstate it if we run into issues.

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