Best sleeves for HomePod in 2018

So we recently bought or perceived an Apple HomePod. It’s really a illusory intelligent speaker. But it’s also rather pricey. So of course, you’re going to wish to keep it in tip-top shape! The best approach to do this is to cover it with a form-fitting sleeve, that shouldn’t meddle with a audio quality, and you’ll still be means to see Siri’s interface during a tip of a speaker. We’ve found these good sleeve options to check out if we wish to strengthen your HomePod, or even give it a lurch of personality!

Budget pick

AIOZX HomePod Carrying Case Skin

If you’re on a budget, or only wish something that’s inexpensive and gets a pursuit done, afterwards collect adult these sleeves from AIOZX. It comes in a 2-pack, and a cover is done from a effervescent and effervescent element that is form-fitting and easy to get on and off a HomePod. It’s anti-dust, has a hole for a energy wire to go through, and won’t silence out a sound given a holes on a cover conform to a orator itself.

$11 during Amazon

Affordable and stylish

LIKDAY Dustproof Elastic Fabric Sleeves

These sleeves from LIKDAY are a good purchase. They use a effervescent effervescent fabric that has good permeability, so a sound won’t be muffled. The cover helps keep dirt out of your HomePod, and once a cover gets dirty, we can rinse and reuse it. There’s a hole for a energy cable, so it won’t meddle while it’s plugged in. There are several styles to select from too, and they come in packs of two.

$13 during Amazon

Everyday protection

TenCloud Anti-Slip Silicone Case

This box from TenCloud is done of silicone, so it’s anti-slip and helps keep your HomePod in one mark though relocating around too much. The silicone is also 2.5mm thick and sincerely durable, as it’s impact resistant, so your HomePod is stable from many drops, bumps, and scratches. It has a accurate cutout to not meddle with audio peculiarity and Siri. It also comes in a accumulation of colors, so we can collect one that will enrich your style.

$11 during Amazon

Keep it stable when not in use

LuckyNV Protective Carrying Cover Skins

If we wish to keep your HomePod purify when it’s not in use, afterwards give this cover a try. It’s done from neoprene element and will go over your HomePod wholly with a cosy fit. It covers it completely, gripping it purify and stable when you’re not regulating it, and a cutout hole on a behind lets we keep it plugged in though fuss.

$13 during Amazon

Color and customization

HomePod Sleeves

These hand-made HomePod Sleeves are meticulously crafted in Denver, Colorado. They’re done of a effervescent and seperated filigree fabric with 4-way widen to simply trip on and off your HomePod. It’s super skinny though durable and is even UV rated to give your HomePod a many protection. It doesn’t meddle with a audio peculiarity or Siri interactions, and a rarely eco-friendly, water-based ink won’t fade, crack, or flay off. You can select from several colors or opt for a custom-made settlement ($10 more). Plus, 10 percent of each squeeze goes towards charity.

$50 during HomePod Sleeves

Simple and efficient

WAWAHA HomePod Cover

This elementary cover from WAWAHA is done of effervescent element and it will widen simply over your HomePod, ensuring a cosy fit. It is anti-dust, gripping your HomePod purify and pristine. The filigree settlement is uniformly distributed and does not impact a audio peculiarity of a orator or your interactions with Siri. The cutout for a energy wire is precise, withdrawal no space for dirt to get in while we block it in.

$14 during Amazon

We adore a HomePods, and really wish to keep them purify and stable (they’re $350 a pop, after all). There aren’t too many protecting sleeves out there, though these are a best ones we’ve found so far. Our personal favorite is a HomePod Sleeves, since a element is great, and they’re accessible in a accumulation of eye-catching colors. You can even customize a cover for somewhat more, though it truly creates your HomePod yours.

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