Bethesda asks suspected Fallout 76 cheaters to write letter about because intrigue is bad

Bethesda has told suspected Fallout 76 cheaters that they can interest their comment bans—but usually if they write an letter on because “the use of third-party lie program is unpropitious to an online diversion community”.

The approach, that reminds me of a punishment for disobedient propagandize children, was used in emails to players who have had their comment criminialized in new weeks. It was initial flagged in this YouTube video by JuiceHead, that he available after contacting players that had been criminialized for regulating what Bethesda vaguely called a “third-party application”. Upon closer investigation (credit again to JuiceHead), it seems many bans resulted from a use of possibly Cheat Engine, a memory editor, or Reshade, a post-processing tool.  

In a email to a criminialized accounts, Bethesda said: “If we would like to interest this comment closure, we would be peaceful to accept an letter on ‘Why a use of third-party lie program is unpropitious to an online diversion community’ for a government group to review.” You can see a prejudiced screenshot of a email below, taken from one of JuiceHead’s videos.

The ask was reliable to be genuine by Bethesda’s village lead in this Resetera thread (look for a comment with a ‘Verified’ purple tick). The village lead, regulating a comment Gstaff, pronounced that a “essay ask happened”, and that a group would “talk about it more” after a holiday season.

Gstaff explained that Bethesda flagged a use of third-party applications “because we do not wish players exploiting a diversion in ways that yield a rival advantage or negatively impact a servers gameplay knowledge of other players”.

Some players have claimed they were criminialized simply for regulating mods that do not give them an advantage, such as visible encouragement mods. Gstaff pronounced that, in that case, they should strech a group regulating a Bethesda support site, and that a developer doesn’t “need an letter for this”. The comment after re-iterated that there would be “definitely no letter going forward”, nonetheless it’s not transparent either that covers all criminialized players, or only players criminialized for regulating non-cheat mods.

In a email to criminialized players, Bethesda lists a series of programs that could outcome in bans, including “‘bots’, ‘speed hacks’, ‘deep-link’, ‘page-scrape’, ‘robot’, ‘spider’, algorithm or other programs that guard any partial of a Services (including, though not singular to, a diversion and/or forums).” It also cites “software that transmits, manipulates or distributes a information tide or any aspect of a Services to another computer, server websites or other announcement or placement media, or program that permits we to use Services but tellurian input”.

Bethesda has formerly pronounced it is working on mod support for Fallout 76,

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