Bethesda businesses contend they are losing business due to circuitously Marriott domicile construction

Posted: Sep 08 2018 12:48AM EDT

Video Posted: Sep 08 2018 12:48AM EDT

Updated: Sep 08 2018 12:51AM EDT


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– Construction is sepulchral in Bethesda, though some businesses along a bustling widen of Woodmont Avenue pronounced a construction of the new Marriott domicile and hotel is holding a vital fee on their bottom lines.

Tastee Diner been portion adult pancakes, burgers and all in between for several decades. However, a grill pronounced business has been pang during a daytime, losing about a $1,000 to $1,500 a day, since of a construction that started in July.

For a past 3 weeks, Tastee Diner manager Beth Cox pronounced all of a parking spots outward of a caf� have been blocked off only about each day and has influenced their business greatly.

It has been so delayed that Cox pronounced she has had to let employees go home early from their shifts and she is fearful she might remove workers.

“I have a lot of aged business that won’t park in a garage opposite a travel since it’s too distant to travel and it’s like a fight section around here,” pronounced Cox. “There’s so most construction on both sides of us that it’s really formidable to even navigate walking … We have been here for 83 years. We’re not opposite progress. We’re happy Marriott is entrance here, though we all matter. They plan themselves to be a good neighbor and good for a village and we feel like they are not starting off that approach as most as they could.”

Other businesses in a area have felt their business humour as well.

The Marriott plan is not approaching to hang adult until 2022. FOX 5 contacted Marriott on Friday and were watchful for an central matter from them.

Another building plan in downtown Bethesda called The Wilson and The Elm is also underway not distant divided from here on Wisconsin Avenue. This 23-story bureau building will be the destiny home of FOX 5.

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