Bethesda Cares’ New Executive Director Dies

Michael Officer started during nonprofit classification final month

Michael Officer

Michael Officer


The new executive executive of Bethesda Cares, a nonprofit village overdo module for a homeless, has died after about a month on a job.

Michael Officer took over final month for Susan Kirk, who late after 21 years as executive director.

Board President Kathy Petitt sent an email on Monday notifying a Bethesda Cares village about Officer’s remarkable death.

John Mendez, Bethesda Cares’ executive of overdo and special projects for scarcely 8 years, has taken over as halt executive director.

Mendez pronounced Officer’s family indicated that he died after going into cardiac arrest.

The Bethesda Cares staff and some house members met Tuesday to share their grief and work on healing, he said.

“It was tough when we listened this,” Mendez said. “We were heartbroken. It was really sad.”

Some house members are entrance behind to a United States from unfamiliar transport to speak some-more about a subsequent stairs for a classification to take, he said.

When Kirk picked Nov. 15 as her retirement date, a devise was to have a new executive executive in place by early November, so she could assistance her inheritor learn a job.

Bethesda Cares’ proclamation about Officer’s employing settled that it was effective Nov. 1.

Officer’s LinkedIn page says he was executive executive of The Healthy Families/Thriving Communities Collaborative Council in Washington, D.C., from Jan 2013 to Oct 2017.

The Collaborative Council is an absolute entity that helps coordinate and disciple for 5 neighborhood-based tellurian services organizations in D.C.

Ramsey Daminabo, a Collaborative Council’s arch financial officer, described Officer as a industrious chairman who followed causes to that he was committed.

Mae Best, a executive executive of East River Family Strengthening Collaborative, one of a organizations underneath a Collaborative Council, remembered Officer as a brazen thinker who paid courtesy to bill details.

The Rev. Charles Booker, a priest during Bethesda Presbyterian Church, who volunteers during Bethesda Cares, pronounced Officer spoke to his church about a week before his death, revelation a absolute story about flourishing adult poor.

“He really had a heart for a job,” Booker said.

Before Officer worked during The Healthy Families/Thriving Communities Collaborative Council, he was a comparison executive of a National Urban League’s Mature Worker Program, according to his LinkedIn page.

Previously, he worked during a D.C. Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation as a comparison module officer.

The Bethesda Cares proclamation of his employing says Officer was innate and went to propagandize in London.

His LinkedIn page says he warranted a bachelor’s grade from Kingston University in England in 1988 and a master’s grade from a University of Reading in England in 1990. He finished a module in nonprofit government during Columbia University in New York in 2007.

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