Bethesda Confirms E3 2019 Showcase

Correct me if I’m wrong, though hasn’t EA not indeed finished tangible E3 press conferences for a prolonged time? They have a genuine E3 booth, and we don’t trust that’s changing this year, though their discussion was always Sunday, outward a tangible (paid) E3 conference. Technically Microsoft/XBox’s discussion isn’t indeed an E3 eventuality either, though a alone hosted eventuality outward (but they attend in E3 itself, with a large building booth.) So for EA this isn’t unequivocally a change, they’re usually finally murdering off their horrible non-E3 discussion and replacing it with a pre-recorded stuff. Bethesda’s Sunday uncover is technically not E3 either, so no change, though they also do building space during a event.

So distant a usually one that’s ACTUALLY not doing E3 stays Sony. Which stays usually as weird as always. Skipping a discussion creates clarity if PS5 isn’t prepared to unveil, though not carrying building space stays bizarre.

I’m still anticipating a gaps combined by Sony’s exit and others downscaling creates room for some sidelined players to have a bigger show. Some kind of Sega show, a bigger Squeenix uncover would be great.

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