Bethesda council: Dam is safe

On Thursday, Mayor Martin Lucas and Service Director Dirk Davis updated Village Council on a matter, observant a encampment operative examined a structure and resolved it is safe.

“The dam itself is not leaking. The spillway needs some repairs,” Lucas said, adding that there is a moment on a petrify spillway and H2O is using horizontally opposite a spillway, going down a moment and entrance out of a underside of a spillway. “The spillway needs to be repaired. Possibly replaced.”

Lucas pronounced a area is in no danger. He combined that a encampment has lowered a lake by some-more than 20 inches and filled a cracks in a spillway with grout and rebar.

“We’ll keep an eye on it from here until we establish who’s obliged for a repairs,” he said.

Davis pronounced a dam and skill are owned by a Ohio Conference of a East Ohio Conference of a United Methodist Church, formed in North Canton, Ohio, while a encampment leases a apportionment of a skill holding a playground. The encampment barrister pronounced that while a encampment would be probable for any injuries on a playground, a Methodist classification would be obliged for a spillway. Davis pronounced a sum cost of work a encampment did on a spillway was $1,287, and a check will be forwarded to a Methodist organization.

Davis pronounced a discussion is in a routine of dividing a skill and negotiating a sale to a Epworth Center and a village.

“We’ve got a stadium on a west side of it. We’d like to keep a lake. It usually needs a spillway,” Davis said.

“They’re holding caring of it on their own, and we’re going to see where it goes from there,” Castello said.

Davis and Lucas done a news to legislature members Jay Van Horn, Ruth Saffell, Cindy Foose and Jordan Castello, daughter of Stephanie Castello. Councilmen Chuck Little was absent due to illness, and Councilwoman Carol Merritt was incompetent to attend.

Meanwhile Patrolman Pete Busack, now a village’s usually full-time officer, reported that a encampment has supposed a bid of $7,000 from Mt. Pleasant to squeeze one of a Bethesda department’s vehicles, a 2008 Ford Expedition. The encampment has deserted bids for a K-9 section car given they do not accommodate a criteria. The car will be re-bid Oct. 2 and Oct. 9, with bids to be non-stop during a special assembly during 7 p.m. Oct. 11 during a metropolitan building.

Busack pronounced this leaves a encampment military dialect with a 2016 Police Interceptor Explorer and a 2012 Dodge Charger. Busack suggested adding a 2019 military initial responder pickup truck, observant advantages such as flexibility and some-more simply navigating a area’s terrain. Possible prices have not been dynamic yet.

He also suggested switching to ATT’s First Net Services module for encampment initial responders, observant that a module should offer larger trustworthiness in a eventuality of healthy disasters. He pronounced a cost should be a same or reduction than a stream rate.

The encampment also continues work on finalizing an agreement with a Union Local School District to yield confidence during extracurricular activities. Attorneys are reviewing a contract. One of a village’s part-time military officers has been reserved to early morning targeted coercion of speeding, as good as enforcing speeds during a Union Local propagandize zone.

Bethesda has been rebuilding a dialect given legislature placed Police Chief Eric Smith on paid cessation in a spring. The Ohio Attorney General’s Office began an review of Smith after he allegedly dissipated a mechanism complement military officers use to share rapist probity data. Several Bethesda officers, including those who had served as apparatus officers for a Union Local School District, have given resigned.

In addition, Davis reported one of a pumps in a Second Street lift hire that processes sewage on a low finish of city has left down within a past few days. The remaining siphon is carrying a bucket and a encampment will demeanour to purchasing a new pump. A cost has not been determined.

Davis reported that EQT will start highway repairs on Main Street in suitability with a highway use upkeep agreement. The association is scheming bids to send out, with a idea of completing work by mid-November.

In addition, Davis pronounced a cost of winter salt has increasing to $99.95 per ton from final year’s $55. Davis pronounced a encampment has systematic 50 tons rather than a common volume of 80-100 tons. Total salt cost is $4,997.50. The encampment will squeeze courage to mix with a salt during a 3 to one ratio this winter.

Finance Officer Rick Burkhead reported that subsequent year’s internal supervision appropriation from a state for 2019 is estimated during $41,803.97, compared to $41,682.90 in 2017 and about $41,000 in 2018.

Jim Patron has stepped down from a park board, carrying been incompetent to attend meetings due to scheduling conflicts. Joni Davis will fill out his tenure finale Dec. 31.

The encampment authorized $600 to cut down a tree that is in risk of descending into a Epworth Lake.

Trick or provide will be hold 5-7:30 p.m. Oct. 27. A march and dress competition will also be held.

The aflame Christmas march will be hold during 6 p.m. Dec. 8, with lineup during 5 p.m. More information can be found during a Bethesda Village Events Facebook page or by job a encampment bureau during 740-484-1250.

Fire hydrant contrast will be hold during October. And on Oct. 14, a Belmont County Rubberneck Tour will stop during sites in a village.

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