Bethesda Definitely Seems Like It’s Teasing A ‘Rage 2’ Reveal

From Bethesda’s Twitter account

Barring some arrange of really bizarre development, it seems some-more than expected that Bethesda will be divulgence Rage 2, or during slightest another diversion in a Rage franchise, on Monday. The conjecture started with a re-activation of a central Rage chatter criticism and an apparent — yet extremely untrustworthy – sell trickle by Walmart. But instead of a common overpower or “we do not criticism on rumors or speculation,” the Rage criticism had a bit of fun with it, earning themselves some of what seemed to be feign chastizing from a central Bethesda criticism as good as Bethesda’s Pete Hines.

The whole thing was a fun approach to get a gossip indent churning, and shake it has. Since then, a leaks have kept coming. Two of them arrived shortly after an picture of a time and an picture of a rocket, respectively, both contained a series “5-14,” indicating some arrange of exhibit subsequent Monday. And while those images didn’t seem to have anything to do with a Rage authorization in an pithy way, they were lonesome in a sold paint of pink: a same paint that a central Rage criticism had used on that progressing tweet.

It’s specific, and it’s not. But things are clearly relocating to something concrete: Bethesda leaves small room for interpretation with a some-more new chatter featuring some Rage cosplay:

At this point, it feels like we can contend with some certainty that Bethesda will be debuting another diversion in a Rage authorization on Monday, or, as an alternative, a association is done adult of consultant trolls and controversial amicable media managers. But my income is on a latter. The Rage exhibit would seem to be a small something to get a hype sight started adult for E3: a association didn’t move anything Earth-shaking to a theatre final year, though there’s reason to trust that it competence do so this year. Rage 2 has a intensity to be a large title, and there’s always a possibility that a developer is cooking adult something new in a area of a heading open-world single-player games, possibly from a established Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises or something new. We’ll see soon.


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