Bethesda organisation aims to reanimate shawl sequence Lids

Ames Watson LLC, a Bethesda-based holding company, is looking to revamp a patron knowledge of Lids Sports Group, a protected sports attire authorization a organisation only acquired for $100 million.

While Lids is essentially famous for offered sports team-emblazoned hats as a name suggests, Ames Partners’ Lawrence Berger and Tom Ripley pronounced they wish to stress other sports rigging to assistance opposite a sales decrease in sell malls. Since shutting on a understanding 6 weeks ago, Ames Watson’s initial pierce was to connect Indianapolis-based Lids Sports Group with another portfolio company, Fanzz, a sports attire tradesman a Bethesda association purchased final year.

Berger pronounced a total company, now combined underneath a Lids code and headquartered in Indianapolis, brings in some-more than $800 million in income opposite 1,200 stores. Fanzz was losing income before to a acquisition, Berger said, bringing in only underneath $100 million in revenue. Lids accounted for 27 percent of former primogenitor association Genesco…

Read a full story from a Washington Business Journal.

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