Bethesda is creation a supplement to a post-apocalyptic shooter Rage

E3 is subsequent month, that means that we can design a flurry of diversion announcements over a subsequent few weeks. Following a handful of leaks over a past few days, currently Bethesda is kicking things off with a central exhibit of Rage 2, a supplement to an oft-forgotten 2007 first-person shooter from Doom creator Id. For now, though, a name is all we unequivocally know. The entrance trailer doesn’t uncover tangible gameplay, though instead facilities live-action footage that shows a universe that looks like Mad Max doused in pinkish smoke. Here’s a brief setup from Bethesda:

Dive headfirst into a dystopian universe abandoned of society, law, and order. Rage 2 brings together a loyal open universe FPS knowledge where we can go anywhere, fire anything, and raze everything.

The original Rage was expelled to rather of a pale reaction, creation a supplement a bit of a surprise, and it was best famous for mashing together elements of FPS games with lots of driving. It also bears a eminence of being a final Id diversion helmed by studio co-founder John Carmack, who went on to try practical existence during Oculus. Whatever is new in a supplement should be suggested really soon: Bethesda will be releasing Rage 2’s initial gameplay trailer tomorrow during 10AM ET.

There’s no word nonetheless on recover date, though a diversion will be entrance to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Update, May 14th: 11:35AM: Added height sum from a game’s central site.

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