Bethesda Metro Stations To Close This Weekend and Three Following Weekends

Metro is piloting a waterproofing record in leaky Red Line tunnel

A stick during a Bethesda Metro station

A stick during a Bethesda Metro station

Andrew Metcalf

The Bethesda and Medical Center Metro stations will tighten this weekend and a 3 following weekends as a movement user pilots a new waterproofing record to try to repair a leaky hovel that has caused use disruptions in new years.

Work on a hovel began Monday night, though this weekend will be a initial when Metro closes the dual stations. Shuttle buses will reinstate trains between a Grosvenor-Strathmore and Friendship Heights stations to concede travelers to get around a closures.

Metro contractors are regulating a “curtain grouting” technique used by a mining industry to install a waterproof surface in a tunnel that stretches from Medical Center to Friendship Heights. Crews are injecting a polymer-based mixture into holes drilled in a tunnel. The mixture is approaching to cascade down a walls and then prevent H2O from seeping by a petrify down to a tracks.

The leaky hovel has been a headache for years on a Red Line, quite in a Bethesda area. It’s a usually hovel in a complement built with porous petrify that allows H2O to seep through and then pool on a tracks. The pooled water mixes with debris, formulating a sludge that’s kicked adult by passing trains. When the sludge lands on a electrified third rail, it creates electrical sparks and smoke, that Metro refers to as an arcing insulator. The movement user single-tracks or halts use to repair a issue, causing use disruptions.

The Bethesda-area Metro stations will also be sealed Jul 22, 23, 29 and 20 and Aug 5 and 6, so crews can install a waterproofing material.

If a technique works, Metro might use it in a rest of a Red Line tunnel. The Bethesda section only represents about 3 percent of a influenced area of a line, according to Metro.

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