Bethesda Mission hosts over 150 for 2017 Christmas dinner

Over 150 people common a full Christmas dinner, with all a trimmings, during a Bethesda Mission on a really cold Monday night, Dec. 25, 2017, in Harrisburg.

“We historically have a smashing Christmas dish for anyone in a village that wants to be here,” Mission Community Relations Director Ken Ross pronounced outward a dinning gymnasium filled with Christmas music.

“It can be a really joyless time for people who have disassociation with their family,” he added, “So we wish to open adult a heart, open adult a building and let them suffer a dish for a evening. Let them turn partial of a family of Bethesda Mission.”

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They offer between 150-175 dishes tonight that enclosed ham, turkey, crushed and honeyed potatoes, carrots and dual kinds of pie. Pumpkin and pecan.

In one dilemma former U.S. Congressman George W. Gekas, 87, of Harrisburg, fills a gymnasium with holiday songs on an up-right piano, something he has been doing in a area for over 50 Christmases.

The Mission, founded in 1914, has been portion a Christmas dish for decades and anyone is acquire to eat or volunteer.

“It’s kind of bittersweet, ” Ross said, “We’re really happy that we’re means to assistance that many people though we’re a small bit unhappy that there are that many people carrying that kind of problem.”

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