Bethesda Resident Darley Newman Roams a Globe with Newest TV Show

PBS uncover “Travels with Darley” provides insider believe on engaging places

Bethesda proprietor Darley Newman rides a bike in France for an partial of

Bethesda proprietor Darley Newman rides a bike in France for an partial of “Travels With Darley.”


Traveling a creation is some-more than Darley Newman’s passion—it’s also her job. In a past dual years, a Bethesda proprietor has been divided from her apartment, family and friends for a sum of about six months, traveling to places including a French Alps, Hong Kong and a Guadeloupe Islands as a star and smarts behind Travels with Darley, that has aired on PBS given 2016.

It competence seem that Newman has a ultimate dream job—traveling all over a creation and eating and exploring with internal residents who offer as her guide. But transport is usually partial of her job. When Newman earnings to Bethesda, operative on a uncover still consumes her days. Newman is some-more than a face of Travels with Darley; she also writes and edits episodes and creates transport arrangements—choosing a destinations, anticipating internal residents to offer as guides and finding things to do while on location.

“I do a lot on a shows—I’ll even collect out a music—I’m super hands on,” Newman pronounced during a new speak in 202 Donuts Coffee on Fairmont Avenue in downtown Bethesda.

In further to her stream PBS show, Newman also runs a website, and she wrote, constructed and hosted a uncover of a same name, that aired on PBS for 6 seasons commencement in 2007. Travels With Darley is airing on Maryland Public Television during 11 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Equitrekking, that takes viewers horseback roving around a globe, is a three-time Emmy Award-winning open radio transport array that Newman has transitioned into a full-time blog and business, charity collection to assistance viewers devise their possess desirous vacations. Equitrekking led Newman to a thought for Travels with Darley, in that Newman covers food, enlightenment and tour while stability to go horseback roving from time to time.

“It’s been unequivocally busy—which is good,” Newman, 39, says. “Right now, we go on a highway again in 3 weeks. Once we start filming, we’ll be filming by a fall. We rebound around—for example, we’ll go to France for dual weeks and come back—in a time that we are back, we are formulation out shoots and modifying calm and using a other things that we work on as good like Equitrekking.”

Her newest uncover takes viewers on a tour guided by a ardent internal proprietor who provides insights opposite to a normal tourist. Newman finds her guides by a network of people she’s grown during her years of traveling. The locals are typically experts on a area she’s exploring.

“My residence book has records in it of destinations that we hunt for now,” Newman says. “If we speak to someone, like we talked to someone yesterday that was revelation me they always go to Toledo, Spain, and they are kind of an consultant on that—so we was like, I’m imprinting we down underneath Toledo now and when we go there, you’ll substantially get a call from me.”

Newman and her husband, Chip Ward, and Greg Barna and Chad Davis form a four-person prolongation organisation of DCN Creative, a Washington, D.C., multimedia prolongation association that constructed Equitrekking and now produces Travels With Darley. The organisation has filmed some-more than 30 episodes of a show, that can be found online during along with itineraries of Newman’s trips. The organisation spends around 5 days during a plcae that will be featured in an episode. Newman pronounced those few days are jam-packed with filming interviews and adventures, yet she tries to make a many of her travels.

“The inlet of being somewhere we competence never get to go again, we unequivocally wish to take advantage of that,” Newman says.

When she’s not traveling, she’s spending time with friends and family in a Bethesda area. She’s had to learn how to change her time between work and doing a other things she loves like running, biking and horseback riding.

“There’s a change to it, yet we unequivocally need to take a [proper] vacation though,” Newman says. “I adore [my job], it’s so fun, yet it’s unequivocally a lot of work.”

Picking usually one place to revisit is formidable for her—mostly since she’d wish to go behind to each place she’s been.

“Every place surprises me in some way,” Newman says. “We were usually in a Finger Lakes and that area astounded me. we knew there was a lot to do, yet we didn’t unequivocally have an accurate picture of what it would be like. I’ve seen cinema of a lakes and we know it looks beautiful, yet there we did a lot of opposite things that people can do, like visiting Mark Twain’s investigate and we went down to a Finger Lakes National Forest and there’s a place where we can learn about a story of a Women’s Suffrage, called Queens Castle. So there were areas that astounded me. we knew it would be interesting, yet we wasn’t awaiting that level.”

As for a destiny of Travels with Darley, Newman has usually scratched a aspect of places she wants to revisit and ways she wants to uncover off her travels. She’s looking into incorporating practical existence and 360-degree video into her travels to yield a some-more immersive knowledge for viewers, that can be found on a website.

“I have such a list,” Newman says. “This year we are going to collect adult some places that we consider people would be like, ‘Why did they film there?’ and we adore that since we consider that each place has a good story and something engaging about it. Even usually knowing, if we could do a highway outing by this place, because would we wish to stop here and what is it like for a folks in this area? we consider that’s so interesting.”



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