Bethesda responds to apparent Rage 2 trickle in best approach possible

There are good and bad ways to respond to a leak, and it looks as if Bethesda has motionless to take a aloft track with a open response to Walmart’s listing of what competence be one of a arriving games.

Rage was a first-person shooter from id Software that came out in 2011 to intermediate reviews, and led to John Carmack apologizing for a diversion in a 2012 QuakeCon keynote. That seemed to be a finish of Rage’s story, until Walmart Canada posted a inventory for Rage 2, that is not nonetheless strictly announced.

The central Rage Twitter criticism after tweeted a following image:

Seriously, Walmart. At slightest put some bid into your placeholder listings. This fun is flattering light and feathery as these things go, though does anyone else notice what it doesn’t include?

A denial.

Publishers tend not to criticism on this arrange of thing, since announcements are delicately timed for limit impact so they don’t wish to endorse a diversion is entrance right now, though they also don’t wish to distortion and contend it’s not in production. Giving a tradesman a witty tantalizing is a good center ground.

Bethesda’s Pete Hines retweeted a image, and responded to a fan’s doubt about another diversion with a identical tone.

We’ll know shortly adequate if Rage 2 exists. Bethesda’s annual E3 showcase, BE3, will take place on Sunday, Jun 10, during 6:30 p.m. PT.

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