Bethesda Says It Plans To Fix Fallout 76’s Item Storage Problem

Screenshot: Bethesda (Fallout 76)

Fallout 76 players are using out of room in their inventories, and a game’s not even out yet. Fortunately, Bethesda is earnest a fix.

Finding and crafting a best apparatus is a vital partial of Fallout 76. The game’s universe is full of junk we can collect up, useful for formulating all from guns and ammunition to a bed players nap on in their campsite. But any square of that junk weighs something. Fallout games have traditionally singular players’ inventories by creation them incompetent to run if they’re hauling too many weight, while providing storage containers with no ability boundary in several places around a map for housing all a excess. While Fallout 76 maintains a extent on how many sold characters can lift before they turn encumbered, it also imposes a extent on how many players can store in containers to 400 pounds of practical rubbish. Players are fast stuffing adult their pockets and using out of space in their stashes as a result.

In one popular post on a game’s subreddit, one actor pronounced that a Stash extent is ruining a diversion for them. “I have a medium volume of a bit of all and we am full,” they wrote. “This leaves no room during all to collect opposite guns and blunt weapons and sets of armor and energy armor.” They pronounced that while a singular space fits in with a suspicion of Fallout 76 as a presence game, it cuts opposite a unconstrained loop of collecting, crafting, and upgrading that MMO-style games are predicated on.

“I shouldn’t be means to max out my accumulate in 5 hours of play,” another chairman responded. “Bethesda should know they’ve combined a multitude of hoarders with their past games.”

Screenshot: Fallout 76 (YouTube)


Another actor even done a really accessible guide for how to get a many out of your Stash, with tips like what sequence to mangle junk down in and a hierarchy of equipment value holding on to. “Ammo is also sincerely common, and can be privately crafted for your arms if we find that honeyed honeyed favorite weapon,” they wrote. “So don’t save 800 shotgun ammo. Just dump it, it can't be sold.” However, even that actor suspicion a storage extent should be, during least, quintupled.

The miserly Stash extent took players by warn given Bethesda had primarily pronounced that there would be none. “Store away,” wrote comparison clamp boss Pete Hines wrote in response to someone on Twitter seeking about a game’s register government system. “Not wakeful of any limit.” Since then, Hines has been hounded by players seeking about either a game’s accumulate extent would be increased. On Nov 6, only before Fallout 76 perceived a 30 GB update, Hines pronounced that he had not formerly been wakeful that there would be a accumulate limit, though that a group was operative on changing it. “There are reasons because it’s there and those reasons are important,” he wrote, though did not elaborate on those reasons. (Kotaku reached out to Bethesda for comment, though a association did not respond, nor has it responded to any email or phone call from Kotaku given 2013.)

Yesterday, Bethesda announced that augmenting a Stash extent would indeed be one of a initial priorities following a game’s full recover on Nov 14. “We’ve seen [Stash size] come adult a lot and know a frustration,” a deputy of a association wrote on Reddit. “While a Stash distance during 400 weight extent can get easier to understanding with over time, we do devise on augmenting it in a future.”


It stays to be seen how shortly that sold change to a diversion will get implemented. Destiny’s register complement had a identical problem when a diversion initial came out behind in 2014, and it wasn’t until a following April that Bungie finally stretched players’; safe space so they could store some-more of their singular loot. Hopefully Fallout 76’s Stash distance gets bound earlier than that.

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