Bethesda Softworks Announces ‘Fallout 76’ Release Date and New ‘Elder Scrolls’ Game

Bethesda Softworks doesn’t always ping investors’ radar, given it’s secretly held, though a diversion publisher showed once again Sunday that it’s a personality in a industry—and that it skeleton to browbeat sales charts for a subsequent few years.

Fallout 76, a latest in a phenomenally renouned franchise, will strike store shelves Nov. 14, many progressing than many fans were anticipating. The game—which was announced in late May—will deviating from a trail of a predecessors, trade a singular offline actor for an open online universe where each impression a actor encounters will be another live player.

“You’ll be in a universe with dozens, not hundreds or thousands of other players, pronounced Todd Howard, executive and executive writer during Bethesda Game Studios, who is overseeing Fallout 76. “It’s a apocalypse, not a party.”

Set before prior games in a franchise, Fallout 76 is a follow-up to 2015’s Fallout 4, a company’s best-selling game, that sole more than 20 million copies.

While Fallout 76 is approaching and many applicable to gamers, Bethesda also threw a bone to fans of a long-running purpose personification diversion The Elder Scrolls, acknowledging that growth was underway on a pretension and charity a unclothed skeleton teaser trailer that supposing zero some-more than a trademark reading The Elder Scrolls VI.

Of larger interest, perhaps, was Howard’s proclamation that Bethesda was operative on a initial new strange authorization in 25 years. Starfield, a science-fiction game, will strike shelves before The Elder Scrolls VI. The developer did not offer many sum about a new franchise, however.

Starfield is a diversion we have spent years meditative about and operative on,” pronounced Howard. “It’s something we feel uniquley positioned to lift off and we’re impossibly exited about.”

Release windows for both Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI were not given.

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