Bethesda Softworks Patches The "Fallout 76" Inventory Hack

After carrying a week where several players had their register stolen due to a penetrate in Fallout 76, Bethesda Softworks seems to have bound it. The association posted an refurbish on Reddit, vouchsafing them know that a PC-exclusive emanate has been taken caring of and that people who have been targeted should contention a ticket. While a info next says they will compensate, it does NOT contend they will revive your inventory. Part of a agreement with Bethesda when we play a diversion says they are not obliged for mislaid equipment in a game. We’ll see how they hoop a Fallout 76 players influenced in a aftermath.

Credit: Bethesda Softworks

We are questioning reports of a PC-only feat that could be abused by cheaters, that might have resulted in a few players losing equipment that their characters had equipped. We have been actively operative toward a resolution for this and have a repair that we are now evaluating for recover today.

While we’ve dynamic that usually a tiny series of characters have been negatively affected, we are holding this really severely and solution this is now a tip priority.

We would like to apologize to those of we who were impacted by this exploit. We wish to make this right, and we are now looking into ways we might be means to recompense you. If we trust we have been affected, greatfully let us know by submitting a sheet to a Customer Support team.

As mentioned above, this emanate usually affects PC, and we are now formulation to move a PC chronicle of a diversion offline now to recover a fix. We will let we know as shortly as we are prepared to start maintenance.

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