Bethesda to Unveil New Elder Scrolls Online Content Next Week

The Season of a Dragon is entrance to The Elder Scrolls Online andCreative DirecctorRich Lambert is hosting a tellurian announce tide on Twitch to plead what’s on a way. The tide will be hold on Jan 15th, 2019 during 2pm PST.Season of a Dragon will be a subsequent calm enlargement forThe Elder Scrolls Online that we can design to launch someday this summer.

The tide will tellESO players what adventures they have to demeanour brazen to in 2019, as good as a possibility to acquire epic rewards. Every spectator who watches a announce tide increases a possibility of gaining a following rewards:

  • 55k point viewers: A singular Wallpaper formed on a subsequent Chapters judgment art
  • 70k point viewers: A Hot Pepper Bantam Guar pet for allESOplayers opposite all platforms
  • 90k point viewers: Rich will dedicate to removing anESOtattoo somewhere (SFW) on his body!

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