Bethesda & Ubisoft’s Pirates Of The Caribbean Game: Forgotten For A Reason?




Back in 2003, nobody approaching a film formed on a thesis park
ride to be anything though a failure. 16 years after and we’re still scratching
our heads as to how outrageous it indeed became.

Pirates of a Caribbean: The Curse of a Black Pearl
released to grievous commend and a pirate’s value in box bureau returns, as
well as giving Johnny Depp an Oscar-nominated purpose he would repeat for a next

So naturally, a rush was on to money in on a film, for
fear it was simply a flash-in-the-pan. Along came Russian video game
developer Akkela, a studio famous for creation a Postal array and a satisfactory track
record creation games about piracy, attempting to emanate something that could coincide with a film.

in to tell a pretension was Bethesda (who would continue creation Pirates titles
with The Legend of Jack Sparrow) and Ubisoft (who would one day make
Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag).

The diversion expelled to really small fanfare, and generally came
and went to be lost to time. But as a initial vital tie-in to a franchise, does it merit new appreciation?

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