Bethesda’s argumentative Westbard redevelopment stays stalled by lawsuit, protestors

Florida-based Regency Centers skeleton on redeveloping a supermarket-anchored selling center, Westwood Complex, in Bethesda, Maryland, though those skeleton competence not finish adult function if members of a village get their way.

According to a Washington Post, the site on Westbard Drive houses what is believed to be a ancestral African-American cemetery. Because of this, members of a Macedonia Baptist Church have instead asked for a museum and a commemorative that would commemorate a black village that existed along River Road until a mid-20th century.

While approximately a dozen members of a church protested a housing elect assembly in sequence to ask for a church to do a investigate of a cemetery, a elect pronounced it was incompetent to opinion on a emanate due to a associated lawsuit still now in litigation.

The Washington Post reported that this lawsuit was filed by Montgomery County residents who disagree that a Westbard Sector Plan will negatively impact them. The County Council authorized a devise in May 2016. The lawsuit was filed in September.

Regency Centers’ skeleton for a plan engage branch a properties into a sell core with 60-foot-tall buildings, townhomes and unit buildings, subterraneous parking, a travel grid, and parks, as reported by Bethesda Magazine.

Negotiations case over dead African-American tomb in Bethesda [The Washington Post]

County Council Approves Controversial Westbard Sector Plan [Bethesda Magazine]

Regency Centers Buys Westbard Developer Equity One [Bethesda Magazine]

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