Bitcoin: 4 Big Competitive Advantages Over Altcoins in 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) simply succeeds over other cryptocurrencies in mixed pivotal areas, that all though pledge a destiny as a standard, remarkable educational Konrad S. Graf has concluded.

In a second installment of a two-part talk with Eurasia Review published Jan. 1, Graf highlighted a engorgement of “competitive advantages” fundamental to Bitcoin. 

Graf has sought to advantage bearing for Bitcoin by educational essays, that enhance over a resource of movement to constitute it within a broader mercantile system.


Bitcoin wins out over other forms of income — including other cryptocurrencies — mostly due to a bound supply. 

“Bitcoin’s tip rival advantage… is a ability (to) shorten new issuance, a relations trustworthiness of a methods for determining section production,” Graf summarizes.

Specifically, Bitcoin’s supply can't be manipulated, nor can a limit placement — 21 million units — ever change to intermix it. 

No entity, no matter how absolute in terms of computing energy active on a network, can lessen a value of a existent BTC hold by savers by augmenting a supply. This is in approach contrariety to cryptocurrencies with a changeable supply, such as Ethereum (ETH) and XRP, as good as all fiat currencies.

Apolitical value transfer

The above evil so creates Bitcoin utterly useful for settlements from anyone to anyone, as a financial custom defence to a accoutrements of fiat.

Here, Graf touches on Saifedean Ammous’ renouned book, “The Bitcoin Standard,” that extensively examines Bitcoin’s advantages over fiat. Ammous further devotes space to how Bitcoin could duty as a allotment banking though a need for middlemen.

“Ammous argues that it is in a — for many people utterly keen — margin of settlements that Bitcoin could find some of a many rival applications. It could turn not usually an in-common non-political income unit, though also a approach aspirant to a SWIFT complement and any other existent or rising rivals to it,” Graf explains.

He continues: 

“In a universe where required systems are also politicized, Bitcoin has an advantage of being “neutral” in a clarity that it is tranquil by nothing of a competing energy blocks, that means that any and all could potentially participate.”

Technical prowess

Against vital altcoins, Bitcoin’s technical bravery means a position as a marketplace personality has been apparent for years, says Graf.

As Cointelegraph has also frequently reported, crush rate alone has achieved an sequence of bulk improved swell than Ethereum or identical marketplace incumbents.

“BTC now has 97 exahashes safeguarding a network to BCH’s 2.5 exahashes, giving BTC a crush rate 39 times aloft than that of even a subsequent closest digital-cash competitor,” he continues.

Bitcoin network crush rate vs. Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV. Source:

That charge also differentiates Bitcoin from imitators with really identical characteristics — a element might be a same, though crush rate distribution, or centralization, and activity on those other networks dark by comparison. 

It’s not an entity

On a subject of centralization, a final advantage Bitcoin has over “corporate” blockchains is a miss of diseased points domestic actors can target. 

That advantage has turn all a some-more apparent in 2019, a year in that Facebook denounced and subsequently faced a global backlash over a digital banking protocol, Libra

CEO Mark Zuckerberg seemed before U.S. lawmakers alone several times, amid criticisms Facebook was attempting to mislay supervision monopolies over a due stablecoin currency.

“There is no CEO to serve to Washington for interrogation,” Graf concludes about Bitcoin.

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