Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – BTC In A Stalemate As Trading Volume Declines

Despite a new laterally movement, Bitcoin is still adult by a sum of 7% over a past 30 days and 11% over a past 90 days. The oldest cryptocurrency on a marketplace now binds a $68.54 billion marketplace top value, and is trading at a value that is 79% reduce than a all-time high price.

During a month of March, we have seen a poignant dump in trade volume as compared with a trade volume of Feb – this could be a pointer that there might be some serve drops incoming.

Bitcoin Price Analysis


What Has Been Going On?

We can see that a marketplace had rebounded from a Mar low of around $3,800. Price transformation continued to arise higher, though unsuccessful to overcome a insurgency aloft adult during $4,000. Since reaching this resistance, a marketplace has rolled over and forsaken slightly, though has managed to stabilize.

What Is The Current Short Term Trend?

As a marketplace is trade sideways, a stream brief tenure trend is neutral. For this marketplace to be deliberate bullish, we would need to see cost transformation mangle above a insurgency during $4,000. If BTC/USD was to dump subsequent a support during $3,800, we could cruise a marketplace conditions as bearish. 

Where Is The Market Likely To Head Next?

If a buyers can organisation together and start to pull cost transformation higher, we can design evident insurgency above to be located during a $4,000 level. Above $4,000, we can design some-more insurgency to be located during a brief tenure 1.414 and 1.618 Fibonacci Extension levels (drawn in gold) labelled during $4,122 and $4,170, respectively.

If a bulls afterwards continue to mangle above $4,200, we can design some-more insurgency to be located during a bearish .786 Fibonacci Retracement turn (drawn in red) labelled during $4,215. This turn of insurgency has valid poignant toward a finish of Feb and is therefore approaching to yield a good understanding of insurgency relocating forward. 

Above $4,215, some-more insurgency lies during $4,342 and $4,500.

What If The Sellers Step Back In?

Alternatively, if a sellers resume their downward vigour and pull a marketplace underneath a support during a $3,928 support level, serve support underneath is afterwards approaching during $3,842 and $3,800.

If a bearish vigour causes BTC/USD to tumble subsequent $3,800, we can expect some-more support subsequent to be located during $3,749, $3,650 and $3,590, respectively.

What are a technical indicators showing?

The RSI is trade directly along a 50 level, that indicates a hesitancy within a marketplace as characterised by a stream laterally movement. If we would like to see BTC/USD moment $4,000, we would need to see a RSI arise above 50 and conduct aloft into bullish territory. 

If a bulls do mangle above $4,000, they will have some critical insurgency to overcome during a 100-day relocating normal that now floats around a $4,100 level.

Alternative BTC cost analysis

Image source: u/ScienceGuy9489 on r/Bitcoin

To benefit another perspective, let’s take a demeanour during a some-more radical research of BTC’s cost transformation that’s been gaining traction in a cryptocurrency community. Recently, a obvious Reddit user and cryptocurrency researcher “ScienceGuy9489” returned with a prophecy for when he expects Bitcoin’s subsequent longhorn run to commence. He creatively became famous for creation a really accurate prediction before a 2017 longhorn run displayed by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

ScienceGuy9489 predicts that BTC will start rallying around Apr 11. He arrived on this date by identifying long-term BTC support and insurgency levels on a long-term logarithmic chart. The dual lines are approaching to join around Apr 11, and ScienceGuy9489 expects this to be accompanied by a crack of a long-term $4,200 insurgency level, promulgation BTC into a subsequent bullish phase. He identifies $28,100 as a cost aim if Bitcoin does indeed embark on another vital run.

Yaz Sheikh

Yaz is a cryptocurrency technical researcher with over 7 years of technical research trade experience. As an Economics graduate, he has taken a penetrating seductiveness in a destiny potential of blockchain in a financial industry. Removing crypto from a equation, Yaz loves to watch his favorite football group and keep present with a latest fights within a UFC.


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