Bitcoin – Buy The ETF Rejection Dip


The cryptocurrency marketplace is changing. The hype reward has been severely reduced and we consider we’re removing tighten to a bottom for Bitcoin (BTC-USD)(OTCQX:GBTC)(COIN), that could spin a marketplace around. The SEC is set to make a preference on dual some-more Bitcoin ETFs this Thursday, Aug 23rd. we consider ETF capitulation is unlikely. If I’m scold this could tank prices to even reduce levels.

Meanwhile, many emperor nations are operative on their possess cryptocurrency to equivocate a US dollar. The theatre is set for widespread tragedy to boil over due to trade process and sanctions ensuing in a new multiply of cyber warfare.

SEC preference entrance soon

The SEC has denied or delayed on any Bitcoin ETF so far. we consider a arriving preference on a ProShares Bitcoin ETF will be no opposite and a reason is simple. Nothing has altered given a final decision.

The Wilklevoss twins have taken their rejecting in stride, determining to form a self-regulatory organization to fight bad function in a space. But, how prolonged will it take to see some suggestive formula from this effort?

Since a (COIN) ETF was denied by a SEC, on Jul 26th, a cost of Bitcoin has depressed from a $8k range, into a $6k operation that we’re saying now.

ChartBitcoin Close Price information by YCharts

Recall that this ETF was also deserted behind in March, that stirred a identical greeting from a market.

ChartBitcoin Close Price information by YCharts

I see no reason to design a opposite greeting from another ETF denial. Do you?

The bottom is near

Some of we competence be informed with a Bitcoin Value Indicator; my common try during fixation a stream cost of bitcoin somewhere on a spectrum that ranges from high to low, in sequence to brand presumably shopping and offered opportunities in a prolonged term. we post a new one any month, yet we have also been operative on a some-more modernized chronicle called a BVIPE, Bitcoin Value Indicator – Professional Edition. Members of my new marketplace, Crypto Blue Chips will have entrance to this model, that gets updated any week and operates on a incomparable information set.

I wanted to post a hide look here, given when we take it to a some-more granular level; things get interesting. See Below:

bitcoin value indicator 8-16-2018What you’re looking during here are 4 metrics from a Bitcoin network charted with a Bitcoin cost over time. The cost is on a right Y-Axis in record scale. The 4 metrics are in standardised Z-score, plotted on a left Y-Axis. The 4 metrics are daily transactions, singular addresses, crush rate, and sum transactions. Each has a high association with a record cost of bitcoin.

High Z-scores prove that a cost of bitcoin has grown faster than predicted. Likewise, a low Z-score means that a network is flourishing faster than a price. As we can see, when Z-scores have peaked in a past, it’s been a good time to get out of a market. When they have been low, it’s been a good time to get in.

As we can see, even yet a cost of bitcoin still appears to be aloft than 3 of a 4 BVIPE metrics thinks it should be, we now have one metric next average, and a second one flirting with 0 on a Z-score scale.

Predicting a comprehensive bottom or tip of a crypto burble is not possible. However, regulating collection like a BVIPE, we consider we can get somewhere in a neighborhood. If we wish to review some-more about how a BVIPE works, check out Crypto Blue Chips on Sep 1st.

The Bitcoin conversation

In and around a final Bitcoin bubble, a review focused roughly wholly on price. However, as we enter a Trough of Disillusionment, this has started to change. Along with a rebate in noise, there has been something deeper, some-more elemental in play.

Money as a weapon

A recent article on The Hill was entitled “As Iran turns to Bitcoin and a possess cryptocurrency to equivocate sanctions, maybe it’s time to build another Stuxnet.”

For those of we not familiar, Stuxnet was an elaborate mechanism virus that was used to means a complement failure in Iran’s chief improvement facility. The import here, is that as income becomes increasingly digital, we competence see a category of weapons arise that aim a financial complement itself.

So distant we’ve seen several countries speak about, or take movement on perplexing to strap Bitcoin’s record to by-pass sanctions from a United States.


Venezuela has combined a “Petro” cryptocurrency, corroborated by a country’s oil pot in a unfortunate try to save a nation from US sanctions and ultimately, financial implosion.


In response to sanctions imposed by Donald Trump, Iran is operative on their possess cryptocurrency.

We are perplexing to ready a drift to use a domestic digital banking in a country. This banking would promote a send of income (to and from) anywhere in a world. Besides, it can assistance us during a time of sanctions – Alireza Daliri, PressTV


President Putin has announced plans for a “CryptoRuble,” a new inhabitant currency.


The BRICS is even deliberation creation their possess cryptocurrency for a same purpose, avoiding a energy of US sanctions. This is no tiny matter as a 5 countries creation adult a BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa make adult 41% of a universe population.

The Head of a Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev has settled that a BRICS competence opt to emanate their possess cryptocurrency for a functions of tellurian commerce. – Mint Press News

What will a United States do if sanctions stop working?

It doesn’t take many imagination to figure this one out. If we can’t lift people around with a economy, afterwards we will spin to a weapons as we’ve always finished in a past. The disproportion now, is that in further to tangible guns, bombs and troops, a margin of possibilities includes cyber warfare. If supervision corroborated digital currencies spin a norm, afterwards they will positively be high priority targets.

What does this have to do with Bitcoin?

Some of we are wondering what in a heck this has to do with Bitcoin. After all, if any of these countries is implementing their possess chronicle of a pristine digital currency, it competence or not have anything to do with Bitcoin.

Here’s a rub, we are able of formulating a quite digital inhabitant banking right now and we don’t need a blockchain to make it happen. The problem lies in a fact that scarcely any computerized complement we have has been compromised. The emanate is security.

So, if a nation creates their possess digital currency, that’s good as prolonged as it doesn’t get hacked. But, how can we forestall being hacked? Well, there’s usually dual ways that we know of.

  1. You wall yourself off and shorten entrance formed on concentric circles of trust. If a complement fails, we return to one of your many backups.
  2. Use a blockchain?

The guarantee of a inhabitant banking formed off blockchain is that we could have a complement like Bitcoin’s that would be really tough to attack. But how to lift that off? In a universe where all banking is digital, what prevents bad actors from simply hijacking a financial complement and transferring all a income to themselves?

This is a indicate where Bitcoin reenters a stage. How does Bitcoin yield such a high spin of security? After all Bitcoin has never been hacked. Maybe there’s something to this Bitcoin plan after all?


In a brief term, a SEC’s preference on dual some-more Bitcoin ETFs will be announced on Thursday a 23rd of Aug (or sooner). If they are denied, a marketplace could decrease like it did with ETF denials in a past. This could put a cost of bitcoin behind into shopping domain again. If it does, this competence be a good entrance point.

In a prolonged tenure (big picture), a digital banking series has many distant reaching implications. One of these is that we competence be shortly vital in a universe where mercantile sanctions spin irrelevant. If a United States can't make a will effectively regulating a US Dollar, afterwards it is certain to spin to other means. These competence embody normal troops action, yet also attacks directly on emperor currencies (cyber crusade v2.0). This will force a emanate of digital confidence behind into a forefront; and we consider this will play good for Bitcoin investors, given they will be holding a many secure digital item that exists.

Disclosure: I am/we are prolonged BTC-USD, ETH-USD.

I wrote this essay myself, and it expresses my possess opinions. we am not receiving remuneration for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). we have no business attribute with any association whose batch is mentioned in this article.

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