Bitcoin’s Bulls Now Have a Target of $13.2K, Monthly Chart Suggests


  • Bitcoin charted an “inside bar” settlement final month, creation $13,200 a turn to kick for a bulls.
  • A convincing pierce above $13,200 would indicate a resumption of a convene from lows nearby $4,050 seen in April.
  • A mangle subsequent $9,049 (July’s low) would endorse a bearish inside bar annulment on a monthly chart.
  • The hourly draft indicates prices could dump subsequent $11,000 in a subsequent 24 hours or so.
  • The bearish box would mangle if lower-highs settlement on a hourly draft is invalidated with a pierce above $11,431.

Bitcoin (BTC) now needs to mangle above $13,200 to revitalise a stalled longhorn market, a pivotal monthly draft settlement suggests.

The tip cryptocurrency by marketplace value combined an “inside bar” settlement in July, with a monthly high and low of $13,200 and $9,049, respectively, descending within June’s trade operation of $13,880 to $7,432.

An inside bar candle is characterized by a aloft low and a reduce high than a prior candle, and represents an inconclusive marketplace or converging in a squeezing cost range.

A convincing mangle above a inside bar’s high is widely deliberate a pointer of a bullish breakout. As such, July’s high of $13,200 is now a turn to kick for a bulls.

As of writing, BTC is changing hands during $11,220 on Bitstamp, representing small change on a 24-hour basis.

Monthly and weekly charts

BTC pennyless into a longhorn marketplace in Apr and rose to a 17-month high of $13,880 before formulating final month’s inside bar candle (above left).

Coming after a important uptrend, a settlement suggests bullish depletion and an imminent bullish-to-bearish trend change.

That said, a bearish annulment would be reliable usually if BTC ends a stream month subsequent July’s low of $9,049.

On a other hand, acceptance above $13,200 (July’s high) would vigilance a delay of a convene from April’s low nearby $4,050.

The luck of BTC finale a stream month above $13,200 would arise if prices imitation a bullish weekly (Sunday, UTC) tighten above $12,000.

As can be seen (above right), a cryptocurrency has unsuccessful 4 times in a final 7 weeks to find acceptance above $12,000. Many observers trust a weekly tighten above $12,000 would indicate a delay of a longhorn market.

While a evidence has merit, a stronger acknowledgment would be a high-volume pierce above $13,200.

As for a subsequent 24 hours, BTC risks descending subsequent $11,000.

Hourly and daily chart

BTC has combined a reduce high during a reduce corner of a dwindle settlement (above left) in a final 24 hours, reinforcing a bearish perspective put brazen by a dwindle relapse – a bearish delay settlement – reliable yesterday.

Selling volume is again ticking up, validating a bearish setup, while a relations strength index, too, is stating bearish conditions with a below-50 print. The 5- and 10-day relocating averages (MAs) have constructed a bearish crossover.

As a result, prices might good dump toward a 5-week relocating average, now during $10,778.

The bearish box would mangle if prices arise above $11,431, invalidating a bearish reduce highs setup. In that case, $12,000 could come into play.

Disclosure: The author binds no cryptocurrency assets at a time of writing.

Bitcoin image via shutterstock; charts by Trading View

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